I've released a new Hometown, v1.0.3+3.1.2. This only upgrades Mastodon to 3.1.2, which incorporates a security fix so I encourage Hometown admins to upgrade asap. Also you get neat new Mastodon features like bookmarks and admin announcements.

More here:

@darius great. did you see this? not sure if we need to grab @renatolond or someone from on this one, I'm not sure how pinned local-only statuses work on other instances

@alex @renatolond yeah a fix is going to be in my next actual feature release which will I hope be soon

@darius @Odd_Bloke @spurll @Iuckyduck @valvoja @admin @alex hey thanks for doing that Darius. I wanted to ping you the other day about the update but then I didn't want to pressure you. If you'd have some time some day to show me the ins and outs of bringing hometown up to date with mainline masto, I'd gladly help you out with that!

@rra @Odd_Bloke @spurll @Iuckyduck @valvoja @admin @alex Thanks. Really it's about doing the merge and resolving all the merge conflicts. And then I run it on Friend Camp for a day to make sure nothing is too broken.

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