MAJOR shout out to this developer based in Lagos who 3 years ago posted the only reasonable "get a React app set up with minor fuss" I have ever encountered. The only change I had to make was installing `babel-loader@7` and `webpack-cli` as dev dependencies.


In my ongoing quest for simple React setups, this article is mind blowingly good:

It explains how to set up a react app with just HTML and JS files, no webpack or browserify or anything. It is fully a toy implementation BUT it helped me understand a lot of the "magic" underlying React in a way that I never had before. It even shows how to write JSX embedded in the HTML file (by including Babel in a script tag).

@darius They don't mention *why* they wouldn't recommend building your whole app like this, but it's partly that Babel is 3 MiB.

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