Lol I saw people on Twitter posting this article headlined "Researchers: Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots" but it's based on research that hasn't gone to print yet and so there is nearly zero way to check what their methodology was and I got...... real mad about it....

Also WOW there is a lot of bad quantitative social network analysis research out there

@darius "Researchers: Nearly Half Of All Research Published On Twitter Is Bullshit"
@darius “I saw people on Twitter…” Well…there’s your problem right there... #SpokenWithASouthernUSAccent

@darius The incentives are kinda bad: it's easy to get headlines with unpublished shoddy heaps of data and some basic statistics while thorough qualitative internet research goes unnoticed. There's definitely been a shift where statistics-literate reseachers from other disciplines suddenly all became internet researchers because of the attention available.

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