This was my Windows 95 desktop wallpaper for a very long time. It was one of the most beautiful calming things to me age 13 or so.

@darius iirc it was one of two "256 color" wallpapers for flexin one's SVGA hardware

@jplebreton now I'm thinking of Bananoid, which was the first VGA game I ever saw. I was mesmerized

@darius that super smooth color cycling on the title screen just laying waste to EGA


That ain't bad for that era!

I have a folder full of desert landscape photos that I make my Mac cycle between when I feel a need to Chill Out...

@darius oh gosh, that's a blast from the past

@darius it didn't remind you of having to trim the hedge? xD

@darius I had that too and forgot that it ever existed! Beautiful.

@darius Man that brings back some memories.

My favorite was always Prairie.

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