I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: if you want some wholesome / nostalgic internet times, check out Wiby, the "Search Engine for the Classic Web". It's based on (moderated) user submissions of old school websites. Use to post the good stuff you come across!!!

I just found Zack's Snake Page, which is actually just a giant image with hot zones you can click to go to other images???

Also Zack's email address just caused me to remember the old ISP called Road Runner, wow, blast from the past

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@darius my first experience with broadband! a couple of my relatives on the wedding party invite list still have roadrunner email addresses, too

@darius big ol' imagemaps. A few classes of my IT A-level qualification was dedicated to making these in Macromedia Fireworks.

@basil @darius

Oh my, haven’t heard fireworks mentioned in some time. Was great for image maps! Slice all the things!

@darius !!! @wesleyac you were looking for this kind of thing recently, weren't you?

@darius nothing i miss more than Picture Pages on websites

which is just an unsorted grid of "cool pictures that i like"

@darius the first website i ever made was like this! photoshop cs2 had a way (possibly linked to another adobe program) to export a site like that

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