If you feel like you "need" to watch the news or social media updates for whatever reason, I recommend the following.

Ask a trusted friend who you know is already watching the news to text you if certain types of event happen ("something big" is valid too). Then you can take the day off doomscrolling but you don't have to worry "what if I'm missing something big and important?" Ideally you can do the same for your friend some other time when they're burnt out.

@darius this is a valid and good tactic. my boyfriend gets stressed by obsessing over the news, so i pick out some of the weirder, more important things to highlight, we can talk about it and move on. he does similar for me with big political things. it has the added bonus of having someone that understands telling you in language you understand, without having to second guess your handle of it.

@darius this sounds like a super good idea! I'm getting pretty overwhelmed with how things have been both here and back home, and the timeline's been absolutely crazy :(

@darius "Ask a trusted friend" seems there's a flaw in this plan already

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