I've had boosts turned off on my home timeline for over a year now and it's great

Me too! Many boosts are from people I follow already as well.

@darius boosts are pretty universally low-effort, low-value content

@lawremipsum Yeah I did a manual count once and something like nine out of ten were just shitposts and like, sorry, I don't care.

@lawremipsum I enjoy shitposts from friends! But from strangers? eh

@darius @lawremipsum boosts can be an Early Warning System that I should probably just go ahead and unfollow someone before they unleash their problematic takes directly; but that's not fun at all.

@t54r4n1 @darius @lawremipsum i didn't even _realize_ that i had boosts turned off on my home timeline, but it explains a lot and i'm probably leaving it that way...

@phooky Yes! They are a write-only medium for me, though I wish they did not exist at all.

@darius I find boosts to be very useful for sharing and discovering new ideas and people, and doing so in such a way that it doesn't erase authorship. My only issue is accounts that boost heavily, and I've often found that I'm happier just muting/unfollowing those anyway.

@darius I do wish they were implemented differently. I don't need to see the same toot again and again when five people boost it, especially when I follow the originator.

@jleedev @darius !!! That's pretty nice. I can't find a way to do that in Tusky, though, which is 99% of my Mastodon interaction.

@jleedev @darius huh, just went to masto and it turns out it was already turned on; I think it doesn't handle the case where you're already following the originator or it has a very narrow definition of "recent"

@darius I'm boostless too! So great. I shut off RTs on birdsite too. So de-cluttering.

@darius On here and on twitter I manually turn off each person's boosts/retweets and only leave a tiny number of Good Boosters

imagining UX where you actually get to choose not only the individual setting (turning on/off retweets) but also the general default (disable retweets for all followers with no overriden setting)

@darius exclusive lists boosts off when?
I have so many listed folk's boosts individually turned off right now. Which gets the job done but is inefficient.
It's cool if never, just something I'd imagine you are working on maybe?

@Moss It's on the todo list, might be a while though

@darius I love that hometown is basically "how can I make the tl shut up just a little but more? But can it get quieter than that?"

@Moss @darius while we're asking for specific boost-related features. what if (for an individual or for the home timeline), I could turn off boosts of people I don't follow.

Often, I don't really care about boosts but obviously I want a second chance at the camper posts I might have missed when Carin logs on and starts boosting the good posts

@bcj @darius to add to this, I would love to have an opt in option for boosts if the timeline is boosts off. But i bet that's probably Real Complicated.

@darius Boosts are quite useful initially when finding people to follow.

@threed I agree, it's why I like it as an option (and it's one reason I still boost things since I have lots of followers who might want to learn about people I follow).

@darius Oh, I'd miss out on so much stuff without boosts!

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