Anyone have any suggestions for converting DRMed Amazon ebooks to PDF or epub? I really want to read them on a device of my choice.

I tried Calibre and the de-DRM plugins like a year ago and just could not get them to work at all.

@darius shit I used to have something for this, I'll try to do some digging

@darius to tag along on this request, I'm looking for tips on converting DRM'd epub ebooks to mobi!

@darius Yeah, the plugin is still in Python 2.7 and Calibre is (partially?) converted to Python 3 now. You can see the problem... 🤦‍♂️ @estoricru

@darius it depends on the kind of book, they’re always changing the file format and also if your books are in Topaz format there’s no particularly satisfying way to convert them to something more portable (which is related to why Topaz exists, it’s a symptom not a cause)

@fluffy it was a year ago but yeah Topaz rings a bell. sigh :(

@darius the best bets with Topaz are either extracting the low-quality OCR text, or converting it to an image-based PDF. I think tools exist for the former, haven't seen anything for the latter.

@darius calibre has worked very straightforwardly for me for internet archive epubs, I wonder if amazon's DRM is any newer. I also have a good source for drm-free epubs if it's something you've already purchased and don't mind doing some wetwork

@darius I use Calibre but I have a Kindle which I think simplifies the process? Not sure what it's like if you don't have the Kindle.

@darius calibre is the only converter for this, unfortunately

@darius I have had luck in de-DRMing Adobe e-pubs (with Calibre part of the solution), but recently found I am not able to de-DRM Amazon .mobi files (though I think I recall being able to to do it in the past.) So as stuck as you are I suppose.

@darius I recently did this with calibre and dedrm (~3 mos ago) but it was kind of a bitch because you need an older version of Kindle app to download the kindle books (newer ones can't be (as easily?) converted) and iirc there was some issue with os x (I did it on windows).

@darius i'm not 100% but I think part of it is de-DRM can't keep up with Amazon's updates. So if your device is up-to-date many things might have trouble jailbreaking the books.

@darius Do you follow Jenn Frank on Twitter? She was dealing with a similar problem earlier today, so she may have an up-to-date solution.

@darius There are some important limitations on the DeDRM Kindle plugin now. If you have a physical E-ink Kindle device then you can pull the book files off your Kindle and convert them in calibre. You need to enter your Kindle’s serial number in the DeDRM settings somewhere. Kindle for Mac and Kindle for PC are a tougher proposition. They still work but only under certain conditions. A new installation on Catalina will certainly not work. An older 32-bit Kindle for Mac does, with effort.

@darius try the same plugin in windows os. It wont work in linux

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