Is there a place to buy mp3s of albums that I can download that isn't Amazon and also has a wider selection than Bandcamp? like, I want to buy some albums that are from popular artists who just aren't on Bandcamp but I also don't want to patronize Amazon if I can help it

@darius a lot of times the labels and or the band websites sell them directly

@showerpickles I will absolutely keep that in mind, that's a good reminder

@darius @showerpickles Seconding this. Uncommon, but do check. I've been pleasantly surprised a few times.

@darius I generally buy non-BandCamp music from iTunes. AAC is pretty widely-supported, and Apple is arguably less evil than Amazon.

@fluffy @darius seconded, iTunes is my fallback to Bandcamp. I'm biased because I participate in the Apple ecosystem, but they do give DRM-free AAC that should work anywhere.

@impiaaa @darius oh yeah you do need to be an Apple ecosystem participant to actually download it, although I think there's still iTunes for Windows and that *might* run under Wine.

@darius if you have access to a Mac, these days everything on the iTunes store is DRM-free

you might have to transcode from AAC, though

@darius Check the labels themselves or get a physical copy and rip them yourself for storage. That’s how I’ve done it for ages if I can’t find it somewhere decent... just grab a CD and fire up Handbrake.


this, also, i'm using windows, so not itunes. google music is still a thing, but it won't be for long - it's going to be assimilated into youtube. 😬

@darius Qobuz offers to buy DRM-free digital CD-quality (flac, wav and some others) if you want to check


itunes if you're okay with AAC, they are all non-drm'd

@darius @dajbelshaw I've been using Google Play Music, but they're closing it an it doesnt seem that Youtube Music lets you buy tracks to download :(

@darius The only non-GAFAM alternative I know about is 7digital, but I'm getting tired of only being able to point to them, and I'd be happy to learn about other viable options. There have to be others somewhere out there...?

@gnomon Unfortunately for me, those only seem to sell to the US...


@galaxis @darius I live in Canadia and I've bought albums from both providers, and I've also been denied purchases at least from HDTracks based on my region. I think regional availability is set per album. (And that will definitely cross distributors, unfortunately.)

@darius Qobuz has quite a lot of music, and also offer higher quality audio formats.

They don't have as much as Spotify or Tidal though, and especially lack more obscure or edgy stuff.

Have a look 🎧

@exstral oh this is perfect, I think this is the winner

@darius Yes it's quite nice. I've been a subscriber for a little while now as they also offer Spotify style monthly payments for access to their entire catalogue.

But the player clients they offer leave a lot to be desired, so I'm considering just purchasing and downloading the few albums I actually listen to.

Then I can use whatever player I like :)

@darius I don't know what you're into but try 7digital

@darius I'm not sure about the "wider selection than bandcamp" part but emusic dot com might be something to look into

@devlogic I mean just in terms of extremely popular acts, like top 40 stuff, which tends to be absent from bandcamp

@darius @devlogic depending on genre you might want to check out Beatport, they are arguably somewhat more expensive and the experience can be clunkier but that's what I use for popular/primarily electronic music.

@devlogic @darius i used to use emusic regularly, but while they’re great for certain genres, but bad for the sort of top-40ish stuff he’s asking about.

@darius something I also done a few times lately is to order the CD from the label & torrent the MP3. While I rarely open/rip the CD these days after it arrives (and not a fan of the resource use of CD production+shipping) this gives me the peace of mind that I'm supporting the artist. 💖

@darius and are great and although I am somewhat stretching the definition of popular

@darius I asked this same question here in January, and while I don't want to go down the rabbithole of finding that thread again, here are the bookmarks I kept from it:

I have since used 7digital and been happy with the experience.

7digital is my favorite too!

@twistylittlepassages @darius Ohh… qobuz looks promising. I can buy CDs from them.

@darius Oooh! Oooh! I've got this one.

My wife and I have used Soundike for several years, after a recommendation from my uncle.

My chief complaints are:

It's a deposit system, rather than pay-as-you-go (but then again, tracks and albums are so cheap, you can spend the $30 you'd spend on 3 albums elsewhere and instead get about 15 albums out of it.
It only offers MP3 as download (no FLAC or anything else).

Still, those are relatively minor complaints. That and Bandcamp are where I tend to buy music these days.

@darius I've been meaning to try qobuz next time I need to buy music

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