My keynote for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is now online a few days before the conference begins! Since it's a fully remote conference, the idea is you can (should?) watch the talks before the interactive/live sessions later this week.

Here's the keynote, which is about ways to provide value to users that CANNOT be re-centralized by the big corporations:

And all the other talks, which I'm excited to watch:

I reference OAuth a lot in my talk, and I can already tell that @aaronpk's discussion of OAuth 2.1 is going to be of interest to anyone who wants to develop the "suite of community apps" pattern from my presentation.

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Evan's talk is a really good companion to mine, where he offers a lot of examples of apps that are missing from the ActivityPub ecosystem but also talks in more detail about some of the incentives that big corporations have to chase ("engagement", for example) that community-based social software providers simply do not.

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@darius @aaronpk

It makes me so tense.

Et al.
If you watch the Talks for #apconf2020 I can really recommend to watch both keynotes + Aarons Talk first cause of background.

Overwhelmed by so much enthusiasm.

@darius that was excellent. Thank you. I am in the vision with you and stoked on the future of hometown.

Curious if there is a list of RSS feeds already available on

@dna I don't provide a listing feature, as a "fewer moving parts is better" thing that also happens to be a privacy measure. But I might start thinking about a way to expose them in a way that makes sense.

@darius they’d probably be similar to what my community would use. I can set one up for my peeps, too

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