really i just want livejournal with a p2p data layer and an ecosystem of weird UIs

thinking about decentralized social media 

ok so i have been thinking lately that you can do better than just getting other clients to respect an author-initiated delete. you can disavow data and put anyone still peering that data on notice, helping to identify bugs in clients ("hey friend i noticed your peer hasn't dropped from that thing i deleted") and bad actors. in http-land that's hard to do, but it's simple when all your data lives in torrents linking to torrents.


thinking about decentralized social media 

@garbados that's actually a really cool idea which I haven't heard proposed! I'm going to be thinking about this one a lot

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re: thinking about decentralized social media 

@darius yeah i started thinking about it when i read the source on how cabal peers do backchannel comms to do handshakes, using a hypercore archive like a meeting point. in the same way an author-peer, having disavowed an archive, can instruct other peers to stop peering / drop cluster or be considered noncompliant. i need to write up the architecture, it's a doozy to try and fit in my head.

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