Pleased to announce that, for the first time in ~20 years of using Debian and/or Ubuntu, I remembered the command "lsb_release -a", for finding out what version of the OS I am running, without having to look it up.

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@darius I’m so bad at retaining that command that I habitually do ‘cat /etc/*release’ every time.

@darius [checks what animal is on the desktop wallpaper and consults an astrological-lookin-ass chart]

@darius Congrats! Next thing you know, you'll be the first person to remember the correct order in the scp and tar commands, too!

@laze give me another 20 years and I bet I can get there

@darius this sounds like something a super user would do!!! 😎

@wayward yes, I definitely pictured a star and this has two

@ranjit @wayward @darius oh no there's another die cut deal right now

@kit @wayward @darius aw shit / yay

how many more universities will be invented this time!?

It would be a little sticker so I think the text should be perfectly legible

@brainwane @darius i am invariably fishing around in /etc/ for various release/version files, then trying to remember what number corresponds to what release name...

@darius For those used to Python, I will often run `python -m platform` to do something similar.

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