How is it that Gboard on Android seems to remember every typo I've ever made and suggests them constantly but also forgets my last name every month or so? I have absolutely no working mental model of how it retains information, whereas Swype (RIP) worked consistently and exactly as expected, even when it was a little annoying. What I'm saying is I miss Swype. (I still have it, it's just corporate abandonware now)

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@darius On and off for the last few years I've looked for a keyboard with a predictive algorithm you could pre-seed with an existing corpus. So you could have autocomplete helping you sound like Victor Hugo, Jules Verne or Hunter Thompson.


Mine forgets my name too. I have it set up to suggest in both German and English which can be amusing.

When it makes a mistake, the usual response is "Damn you autocarrot". It has not learned autocarrot very well but I am trying to teach it.

The real challenge is writing when the suggested word is never the one you pick. I really do want to have distinctive writing and not just words that can easily appear from a typing machine. Improve your prose by never taking suggestions!

@darius for me it suggests 'Justin' instead of 'Judith' EVERY GODDAMN TIME. I think this toot may the only time I have ever actually needed to type Justin, and I'm on my laptop.

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