Do you miss meeting people? Here. You can make some people and meet them.


@darius unmake unmake unmake unmake

@darius lol! what was the prompt that came up with this?! are you creating versions of the folks that i imagine haunt hacker news?!😆

@exquisitecorp I scraped a bunch of personality test answers for Corpora and I thought, hey, if I attach a face to a few of these I have a sketch of a person

@darius smart! i enjoyed the code and execution. it looks ilke a "rapid prototype" / speed project / code sketch , in the best way.

@exquisitecorp yes I made it in 13 minutes from concept to execution

@darius the layout seems a bit broken with mobile: you can't see the last paragraph and there is no scrolling.

Uspol, eye contact 

@darius I made the next GOP supreme court nominee and I am feeling very "what hath science wrought" about it

@darius "I look down on others", "I believe we cuddle criminals too much"

I... I don't think I miss meeting new people *that* much, thank you

@darius you can't convince me these aren't just scraped tinder bios (CW: eye contact)

@darius suggested pairing: listening to the new Autechre while staring into the cronenbergian face-ear-fist-lump at the margins of half of these images

@darius This whole time I thought the Uncanny Valley was a visual thing. Weird how pasting in some short text snippets pushes it to the deepest depths ever encountered.

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