There's a little-noticed mistake in the recording for "Zombie" by The Cranberries where in the pre-chorus the lead singer sings "and their bombs" twice! I fixed it so you can hear the song the way it was intended.

You're welcome!

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This was brought to you by this truly excellent Miley Cyrus cover of "Zombie" that people are talking about on Twitter today

@darius And that was a great cover. Thanks for sharing it. :)

stolen valor 

@darius first Miley stole my (old) haircut. then she stole my karaoke song. did both better. I think she is now my rival

@darius Maybe it's because I'm used to the other version but this really throws off my sense of the rhythm

@darius I noticed it, but I never knew what to make of it. I didn't know it was considered a mistake.

@cstanhope I probably should have CW'ed this "musical shitpost"

@darius wait that was a mistake?? Are you joking? I always thought it was intentional!

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