Financials, December 2020 

Patreon: $180.75
OpenCollective: $50.11
Liberapay: $0
Ko-Fi: $28.20

Total: $259.06

DigitalOcean: $53.00

Total: $53.00

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over
$662.58 Financials, December 2020 

It's been… quite the year. In spite of that, Merveilles has been a wonderful refuge from the horrors of the world.

A huge thank you to everyone on the instance, donor or no, for continuing to make this space the best corner on the internet.

If you have anything you'd like to see me focus on this year, or have any feedback for how things are being run, please let me know! Financials, December 2020 

@somnius thanks for everything you do for us somnius! i am interested in putting instance conversion to Hometown up for a vote again, perhaps with some more context as to what it would mean & imply :) i have seen a few others post similar wishes now & then, since it was last mentioned Financials, December 2020 

@cblgh I've seen similar thoughts from folks! Having instance-only posts seems particularly appealing. I need to investigate what is required to shift us over, but we should put this up to a vote soonish! Financials, December 2020 

@somnius @cblgh I just went to check the GitHub issue for local only posts again... it’s been open for two years, no clear indication, afaict, if it’ll happen upstream

I’d like to avoid a situation where we switch to hometown and then the feature we needed lands upstream and we have to switch back and the content it incompatible

That being said, I also don’t want us to live without a feature we’d love Financials, December 2020 

@flip @cblgh Yeah that's definitely worth considering. There's a bunch of features available besides local only posts that factor into this too—I originally didn't want to move to a fork specifically because of the potential maintenance/upgrade overhead and not being able to switch back, those are valid concerns! Financials, December 2020 

@somnius @flip maybe @darius can chime in with his thoughts on the current status of Hometown's maintenance & such?

afaik, Hometown is explicitly about minimizing the difference between upstream & its changes–if only to reduce the maintenance burden.

i think local-only (and the speculative future feature of neighbourhood-only posting) would be a big boost, esp. given the situation today wrt online safety

Follow Financials, December 2020 

@cblgh @somnius @flip Maintenance is going apace, although the latest Mastodon 3.3.0 introduced a ton of regressions and conflicts and I've been too distracted (uhhh being American) to put the time in to fix them right now. That said, I usually update to the latest upstream within a week of release.

In terms of what would happen if a feature was adopted upstream with a different implementation -- I would certainly try my best to provide a migration path.

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@darius @cblgh @flip I greatly appreciate your response about this here, thanks so much! Financials, December 2020 

@somnius @cblgh seconded, thank you @darius !

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