This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!


recommended authors in the reading lists that are also on the fedi include: @aparrish @darius @ajroach42 @brainwane and @pluralistic

@darius omg yyyeesss -- I was going to say it's rare to have a show about technology that isn't disappointing, but actually I love every show about tech even if its super bad. But this one is super good!

(there are complaints about the first season being zzz)

@ashley @darius I did find the first season kind of slow, but the bits I saw after that made up for it. I should finish it.

@ajroach42 @darius the acting/characters are a little on-the-nose in S1 too, cringey, but they grow and change so much -- which is what makes it such a good show!

@ashley I think I have said this to you before, but I think the switch from S1 to the subsequent seasons is kind of like the bait-and-switch the industry as a whole offers new entrants. You thought this was a show/industry about quickly coding real hard, but it's really about people of all genders, relationships, money, world-epochal trends, legacies..... @ajroach42 @darius

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