Friend Camp has about 50 active users and I just noticed we have more than half a million posts here since August 2018! I mean that's 11 a day per person on average but still. That seems wild to me.

Last I checked something like 75% of our posts are unfederated. That's still 125 thousand posts sent to the fediverse. I think local-only posting increases the vitality of community, increasing the volume of overall activity, and contributing more to the fediverse than a less vital instance would.

(Above post reposted due to silly math error)

In other words: if Friend Camp never had local only posting, we would not have cohered as a community, and we would have contributed far less to the fediverse as a whole than we do with the ability to post unfederated.

@darius I'm intrigued by this idea, and a big believer in the positive effects of interacting in small(er) community groups.

In real-life community is everywhere, and ppl + communities interact in a complex social fabric.

I feel community might be better expressed online, and for a while I'm posting about a "Community has no Boundary" paradigm.

On SocialHub I mention an AS/AP vocab extension on top of Group + Actor.

Would be great to have your input on the topic.


One thing to consider is whether communities explicitly defined allow for taking the concept next-level on the fediverse.

Now it is mostly implicit i.e. instance boundary, discourse forum, etc.

An explicit definition as a domain model, allows modeling things on top of that when needed, such as Membership + Roles, or Governance.

( @hamishcampbell started talk on the latter which - if federated - would require a meta-model AP extension to define policies. See )

@humanetech @hamishcampbell This is all very much of interest to me. Are you aware of my "neighborhoods" work? (It's not a formal proposal because I'd rather build it first, see how it works in practice, and then make a proposal)


No, I wasn't aware. It looks like a great concept. With your permission I will reference this toot on SocialHub.. is there a link to these docs I can also include?

Community domain should be quite basic. Probably instance-bound initially, crossing instance barriers later on.

Ppl from #valueflows are also interested:

Others too, probably. Solid community?

PS. Note that @grishka with #smithereen is also looking into creating 'cozy' community.


@humanetech @darius @hamishcampbell though it's not the usual-for-Mastodon "instance = community". In the end, I want to blur the lines between instances as much as technically possible.

@grishka pity I couldn't join SocialCG.. spent 2 hrs before in EC webinar prep call, which I expected would be 0,5hr.

But I'm reading the meeting notes 😃

@darius @hamishcampbell

@grishka @humanetech @darius The is a good discussern to be had about tech around - the whole, groups and the individual. power/community/sovereignty etc.


A great article that is related to this is now on frontpage of HN:

It's in context of game design, but the social relationships explained are interesting well beyond that.

@hamishcampbell @grishka

@humanetech @hamishcampbell @grishka ahhh coauthored by my old colleague Erin! This is bound to be good, she's very smart

@humanetech @darius @grishka @hamishcampbell

Hey Darius,
redaktor had a nice meeting together with Lynn and Bob, valueflows and Mayel of

re. the SOLID community we had a meeting with Angelo Veltens (SOLID core dev).

Yesterday we had a very nice official SocialCG meeting where Dimitri also said, he would be interested in connecting AP/SOLID. Angelo prepared a kind of a TODO list as he knows every detail about SOLID. 1/3

@humanetech @darius @grishka @hamishcampbell

However, with 8 people recently we failed for public funding the 10th time [NGI0 3rd time] and from now on redaktor is working with VC money :( so that valueflows or SOLID became less important **unfortunately** …

Always named and Hometown as brilliant examples in funding applications :)
You wrote “people in your own vetted server who all abide by the same rules as you” and @redchrision said : 2/3

@humanetech @darius @grishka @hamishcampbell @redchrision

“so when you as an admin were peering with another instance you are showing your set of values, and if that other instance believes that they are sharing those values, that instance can peer with you” and redaktor would like to do this as well. Had a meeting with Cristina too cause for redaktor would like to work on a trust pattern everybody can use.

@darius @humanetech @grishka @hamishcampbell @redchrision

yes. And I would like the idea of having an interoperable set of human values and principles so that it would also work e.g. Hometown <-> redaktor –
also talked with Dr. Henderson of St. Andrews …

Some ideas for redaktor regarding limiting power and establishing trust (it's a mess) :

@darius I'd love to read more about this or follow it somehow! Sounds like I need to be a Patreon

@jalcine my patreon is where I occasionally post ideas like.... every three months tops. Don't feel obligated, you'll get the good updates just following what I release!

@darius Sorry, what's the source of these screenshots?

@edsu That's what I thought too -- but the text there is different.


@celia @darius oh yeah, you're right! I thought it could be the hometown docs too, but I don't see it there

@darius This sounds similar to what Scuttlebutt is doing, no? Neighborhood and "pubs" rings a bell.

@humanetech @hamishcampbell

@bekopharm Not entirely but semantically yeah! They have a concept of rooms an groups now (which works like the messaging and forums equivalents). By design, it's more like "I know you personally and directly" versus "I know you and the community you stay in so everyone in that set is cool" @darius @humanetech @hamishcampbell

@jalcine gotta admit I never tried it myself after reading about it (on the Fediverse) last year.

Can't dance everywhere 😜

@bekopharm Very true! I do wish someone (I might do this soon, lol) did some sort of "What's New?" roll-up once a week in each space. That's the kind of news I'm interested in!

@jalcine has podcast written all over it ;-)

Know one, but it's not English.

@bekopharm oh I'm still down to see how they went about it!

@jalcine there you go:

may ping @pfefferle for a transcript. You probably know each other from the IRC and the IndieWeb 🤷

Interesting. I've never really taken this whole "instance is a community" thing seriously myself 🤔

@darius @grishka Thanks for sharing that. Just stood up a Friendica node this week and don't really know what I'm doing yet. Seems like this'll come in handy. 😀
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