In just a couple hours I'll be speaking with @jomc at the Internet Archive about what happened in the history of the internet when people decided to put their trust in corporations to do the job of free public libraries. You can get a free ticket to the online event here:


Oh nice or you can just go straight to the YouTube stream here

Wow, Google et al are such a pernicious thing... if not outright evil.
TY for this thinking piece DK

I'm missing the bit to talk to Wendy (YT comments or chat is closed)

And I just canceled my Zoom acct... LOL

That's okay. I shared this with my librarian friend in Ohio. She and I are collaborating on a thing we call 'The Ohio Climate Science Roadshow' and this is right up her alley. Very pertinent when considering Google's role in science denial for the fossil fools who game their system constantly.
TY for your work!


After hearing this, I think Congress' approach of trying to regulate this industry has been doomed from the start. The arrogance of the Ilk of Zuckerberg shows me he's convinced of this.
I think the way to go is to fund and empower our communities and that includes libraries.
Digital rights for libraries!

Right on, write on

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