Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

The W3C Decentralized Identifiers standard is now a 1.0 draft.

(I only just heard of it today, I have no opinions on it right now.)

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@darius Hmm. In terms of a generic data format, sure, that spec seems fine but kind of boring. It doesn't say anything other than "here's a URI format", "here's a document format", and "you have to use a resolver (not specified here) to get from one to the other".

The actual meat of the spec is over in and the heavy association with proof-of-work cryptojunk really turns me off :(

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@darius The Tor DID spec actually looks pretty interesting tho: since it's self-validating (the DID uri is literally an Onion site url aka public key) and builds upon an existing decentralized registration system that does not require use of a blockchain.

And there's a web-based spec as well, which appears to use DNS for validation.

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@darius Anyways, in the end, excluding the blockchain junk (I'm not gonna pay a cryptocurrency speculator in order to prove my own identity!), if the DID format does take off it's almost certainly going to be because a significant number of people get identities through a small number of big identity providers. :/

re: Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@kepstin @darius WTF! did:github decentralized identifiers!? Sounds like a contradiction.

I concur: Whilst this is the sort of thing I'd be interested in implementing, this "recommendation" looks like little more than a requirements document for the actual logic.

I understand & expect there to be cryptocurrency DIDs to sidestep Zooko's Triangle, but there's other requirements the identified might have.

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@kepstin that's kinda how it always is with protocols though right?

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@darius yep, i suppose so

the big problem i see with DID as it stands right now is that there's no generic protocol/resolver for these theoretical large identity providers to use - the current spec would probably have each provider end up creating their own incompatible DID method, and different resolvers would support different subsets of methods. It's a big mess.

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@darius I guess you could just have everything use did:web or something, but at that point you might as well just use webfinger?

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@kepstin @darius Yeah, it seems like a Lowest Common Denominator junk standard. It doesn’t make any actual requirements for security or what you can do with a DID or how you can verify it. Just URI registry for 82 “experimental” (their words) methods to do anything with them. Not even a common protocol. Most of those methods registered are cryptocrap “IDs”. Also it focuses JSON-LD which is also gross, but par for current zombie W3C.

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

@darius worked at a startup doing identity verification stuff a few years back.

founders were very into blockchain-y things.

very into DIDs.

had meetings about them and how we should use them to revolutionize identity.

none of us knew what anyone was talking about.

to summarize: i still have no opinions on it.

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