Ubuntu complaining 

Wow whatever Ubuntu did to their gui software center thingy in the ~8 years since I last used Ubuntu is awful! There is hardly any software, and it segfaults when I try to install something. On a clean OS installation!

Am I missing a secret way to get the old functionality back? I mean I can use `apt` for sure but I did like being able to browse cool software.

(Please do not recommend other distros. The ONLY distro I am allowed to use on my work laptop is Ubuntu 20 LTS.)


My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

Figured out the two things that were making Ubuntu 20 slow for me.

1: It installed with 1GB of swap space. This is comically low for a machine with 16GB of RAM. Increased it to 16GB and that helped a lot. But my GUI was still really slow, at which point I realized

2: I had "fractional scaling" enabled for one of my displays. I turned it off and suddenly everything is butter-smooth. It means I have to run my high-DPI screen at a lower resolution but I'll take it.

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My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@darius i would've thought that swap is only used to hibernate or crashdump to?

but, uh, i don't actually know enough about Linux VM or it's crashing and dumping mechanisms enough

so, feel free to ignore me when you don't know anything either

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@meena Ubuntu recommends 25% RAM worth of swap if you don't user the hibernate feature; it recommends ~125% RAM if you do. I don't use it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to go for 100%.

I don't know what it's used for but when I had 1GB of swap the system monitor showed 100% swap usage at all times!

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@darius wouldn't it be cool if Linux had tools that could tell you what's in that swap, and why it was put there??

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@meena @darius something like ncdu for memory would be super neat

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@meena @darius i tried searching "ncurses memory," but all i got were reports of ncurses-related memory leaks.

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@meena @darius from the unbelievably full of sysops gems Linux Memory Management At Scale, there's a section on swap space, and a link to http://bit.ly/whyswap .

the talk is really really good if you care about running Linux boxes well, without blocking, and especially under any pressure. chris is about to launch into swap here:

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@jauntywunderkind420 @meena oh thank you this looks great

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@jauntywunderkind420 @darius

The swapper on kernels before 4.0 has a lot of pitfalls, and has contributed to a lot of people's negative perceptions about swap due to its overeagerness to swap out pages. On kernels >4.0, the situation is significantly better.

ah, yeah
so my superstitious knowledge about Linux VM is dated then

My biggest Ubuntu woes, fixed 

@jauntywunderkind420 @darius i used to disable OOM on servers to get more predictable VM

but what really helped was getting more RAM, and SSDs, so swapping isn't so noticeable.

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