Mozilla has announced a grant of up to $30,000 "to people and projects that illuminate how to reimagine data in a way that shifts power away from big tech platforms and toward individuals and communities."

@darius I already have my artwork ready for that project (attached), where do I submit?

@rysiek is there a danger to going to sites that use a Cloudflare CDN frontend or is this more of a general boycott type issue regarding displeasure over who Cloudflare hosts or doesn't host?

@darius that's a very broad topic, but tl;dr would be:

1. there are privacy concerns, CloudFlare sees a lot of traffic (handles >10% of all web traffic, globally)

2. there are concentration of power / centralization concerns, for the same reason; it's not about whether or not CloudFlare abuses this power; it's about the fact that it even has it

3. it's just ironic that Mozilla is announces a "shift power away from Big Tech" on a Big Tech fronted website.


@rysiek totally get those concerns (once upon a time I worked at Akamai, which is like Cloudflare but more secretive and handling ~30% of all web traffic). I get the irony too. I was just wondering if this was about a specific thing I had missed, which apparently I have not, thank you

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