There's a lot of reasons to hate living in 2022 but the fact that Twitter keeps telling me to join audio conversations like this one feels personally insulting

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Here's a good article that includes a lot of my skepticism of DAOs as well a definition of what they are

I listened to the conversation for a minute and learned some new terminology: B2D

B2B = business to business service provider
B2D = business to DAO service provider

massive psychic damage

I have a secret Twitter alt that I use to listen to Twitter Spaces because I don't want these spaces advertised to the people who actually follow me

Something especially insulting is the branding of the conversation with ~emoji vibes~ but the actual conversation is your standard awful business innovation bullshit talk. Reflects the DAO thing as a whole

@darius daos are just corporations but on the blockchain. truly, incredible

@t54r4n1 This is extremely perceptive and the one thing I would add is that "on the blockchain" means "operating outside the laws of any country". That's the main difference, it's a corporation that doesn't have to be incorporated in any particular nation

@darius mmmm love an obvious tax dodge. definitely not going to get yourself in a fuckton of trouble that way, no siree

@darius @t54r4n1 the cool thing is that to the extent these are securities (probably), securities regulations don't necessarily care if the securities are patriated as long as you or your victims are...

@darius @t54r4n1 classic techbro mindset to a create a thing and just handwave that you created something that not only already exists but is actually subject to a DEEP and actually sometimes enforced body of regulatory law.

@Moss I mean counting my bot accounts I have fifty or so

@darius it's always challenging to move between spaces (not Spaces) where people use B2B for business and B2B for DJing

@darius I read this whole thing & 1) imagine being called a "hanger-on" to crypto bros. There's the real psychic damage lmao

2. The number one thing I hate about crypto/VC bros is how they just,,,reinvent shitty systems we already have & then pat themselves on the back for being innovative. Running society as a corporatocracy is what we ALREADY HAVE. Its why so many people are unhappy. Youre not the next Bezos or Musk; theyre gonna come sweep you out with the money they already have

@darius the company my gf stared is basically a dao. Except we put O first, then D, then A. We get shot done first and then worry about fine grained policies.

@darius I had to stop reading the article when it conflated “VC forms are investing in this” with “it’s worth learning about/interesting” on its own merits

@courtney I took it as: it's worth knowing what these people are up to so we can protect ourselves

@darius Wait this is not the point of your post, but Twitter does audio conversations? Like just an audio channel with 73 people you don't know?

Who wants that?

@andy they built it to compete with clubhouse, which hopefully you also don't know about

@darius I've heard the name but that's about it.

Anyway, hell world.

@darius @andy wow, companies still build features sometimes instead of buying startups they feel threatened by?

@Lore @andy I'm sure they offered the buyout first and clubhouse said no

@darius ughgh same, mine is always NFT-related :(

join it, then ask to speak, then proceed to troll the hecc out of them

@darius oh good, it's not just me. I thought I had interacted with something on Twitter that was causing them to push me those.
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