"im not owned! im not owned!!", the lettuce continues to insist as it slowly shrinks and is transformed into a big mac

a variety of interpretations 


- veggie burger?

- investment? like "buy your own franchise?"

- lettuce is going extinct, soon to be the stuff of legends? (read from left to right)

- if you plant a burger, it makes a plant? (read from right to left - it does explain the seeds)

a variety of interpretations 

@casey Johnny Big Mac, sowing sesame plants the hard way

a variety of interpretations 

@casey @darius lol, my interpretation was 'we deliberately wither the lettuce before slapping it on a burger'

a variety of interpretations 

@alys @casey @darius and behold, in the final age of farming all lettucekind shall be raised up, and shall face the Big MAC, whereupon their deeds and their being shall be judged,

a variety of interpretations 

@casey @darius lettuce worship a burger god?

a variety of interpretations 

@tripofmice @darius like the lettuce dies and is reincarnated as burger? (i had also thought that the cow grazes on the lettuce and that's how burger is born)

a variety of interpretations 

@casey @darius or maybe the burger is enkidu and the lettuce is gilgamesh?

the fundamental problem here is the order of the lettuce

@jonbro it is literally trying to escape becoming a burger by reversing its life course

@darius "and yet in the false self there remains a trace of the true self", etc

@darius Lettuce has found an extremely powerful niche in ecology, known as "enjoyed by humans".

I have read multiple papers specifically discussing the evolutionary success of plants that produce useful products for humans, even a conjecture that these plants are altering humans to suit their ecological fitness just as much as humans are altering them. Think about what made humans go from hunter gatherer to permanent settlement? Plants! Specifically grains such as wheat and barley!

@darius Thanks to you, every time I see an Animorphs reference, I will think to myself "im not owned! im not owned!"

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