A sincere tip for longtime fediverse people who would like their friends to stick around here longer than a week:

If you're on Mastodon or Hometown, you can click the "bell" icon in the profile of someone you follow. This will make it so that every time they post, it will appear in your notifications like an "@". I am enabling this temporarily for friends so that I remember to interact with them. This is important for making this place feel more lively and helps people stick around!

@darius oooh this is a good tip, especially since my feeds are a lot more active than usual and I haven’t figured out how to manage them yet

@darius I love that the bell icon was grayed out as "sensitive content."

@hammerj Ohh that's my bad, I marked it as sensitive by accident

I had an idea for Smithereen to send email notifications every day or week or whatever with the summary of what happened over that period. Opt-in of course and only sent if you don't visit for X days.

@darius Your friends stick around and post for a week? Lucky you! Mine make one post, if at all, and then never log in again. :ms_crying:

@darius Even so, it sounds like you've had more success than me, haha.

@ajroach42 @darius I think it’s pretty new? Mind you I use a phone app mostly so 🤷‍♂️

@MrsMouse this is on 3.4.6 for me. You have to be following someone for this to appear.

@darius yea, I got 3.5 and am not seeing it... time to rake a bunch I guess.

@darius oh wow I didn't even know this and I've been here for 3 years. 🤯

@darius Oh hey. This is super useful because yeah, I feel like I miss a lot of the posts my friends make even though I'm on here pretty often, unless I go to their profiles specifically but then I'm often interacting weeks after the fact xD

@darius this is great. I've used mobile notifications to great effect on twitter as well.

@darius It seems like the app UI that I'm using doesn't allow this, but I appreciate your post, hopefully I can get it to go through the browser :)

I personally do the opposite. I enable the bell for everyone I follow, and finally, if the person "spams" my timeline too much (in the sense of too many things that don't interest me), I disable the bell.

@clacke @darius @pippzipp
I'm not sure what you're asking.

I just checked a few more profiles. The bell shows up on some but not others.

@Photorat @pippzipp The most direct way to ask the question might be, are you at the URL myinstance.example/web/@theirname@theirinstance.example or are you at the URL theirinstance.example/@theirname?

This even applies for people on the same instance as you: yourinstance.example/@theirname will not have the bell, but myinstance.example/web/@theirname will. I just checked.


@clacke @darius @pippzipp
This isn't true. Most of them do not have the bell.

A few myinstance.example/web/@theirname@theirinstance.example and a few theirinstance.example/@theirname do.

@Photorat @clacke @pippzipp Wow, I haven't encountered that before. And you follow all of these accounts?

@darius @clacke @pippzipp
Hmmm… Now I'm seeing the bell on all instances. I must have been looking at some that I wasn't following.

@darius I've been here since 2018, but I never noticed that before. What a very useful tip, thank you!

@darius that's right. like, subscribe, and hit that bell

@darius This sounds like a great idea. I’m putting real effort into replying rather than lurking as well. who should I be following?

@lex I hope to put out some follow recommendations later this week

@aimeeble @darius i have a list called "folks" which i put those uhh folks in and then pin that in the tweetdeck-y "advanced" interface as my left-most column

@rrix @darius I do a similar thing in the birdsite. Except “people” is the name 😜

@darius i've been here for five years, and only today i hear about this feature. :D


alas, works on another instance for me where I use it gladly, but not on

not sure if it's a limitation of glitch-soc, of the version of g-s being old, of some admin setting, or what

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