hi, i'm brand new and very happy to be here :heart_bi:

please let me know if i get any of the instance customs and ways wrong, especially with regards to CWs. i'm a fast learner!

i chose the absolute worst week to decide to join mastodon and for that i am very sorry. i got off my butt and made an account because i run an event sharing website that @darius very kindly helped federate, i want to rewrite the backend, and _whisper it_ i don't actually understand a lot of the activitypub code.


@lown welcome! For those who don't know this is the author of the wonderful gath.io

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@darius i am going to be putting this poor lovely site through its paces in the coming weeks; we have 10% time at my new job and my project will be fixing all the baby raph code with new inventions like 'maintainability' and 'ci' and 'comments'

@lown look I just want to say: even your baby code was really wonderful. It was absolutely the easiest time I ever had jumping in to an unfamiliar code base

@darius darius please i've cried at the last five tv shows i've watched, don't make me start again ❤️

@darius @lown ooh that’s nice! Don’t suppose it supports/will support ActivityPub events?

@ols @lown I added that functionality a couple years ago :)

@darius is there a way to use it if you don't have a #friendCamp account?

@creek yes anyone can sign up at the URL over there. (I also run my own server just for campers)

@darius @lown Gotta echo what everyone else has said here, I've been hoping something like gath.io would come around for a long time! Looks awesome.

@darius @lown Ooh, I hadn't heard of gath.io before -- it looks wonderful!

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