I need to say this, I think the only people out there right now who are on the right path to distributed, federated _anything_ today are people building Matrix, and the people building things on top of Matrix.

Everyone else is talking about authenticated this, zero-trust that, self-sovereign the other thing. And you know what all of those things have in common?

They're nouns. Individual, discrete, tokenizable things.

Collective action is not made of nouns. It is made of verbs.

There is no scenario - none - where an accumulation of nouns is not prone to centralization. It _does not matter_ what the tech stack looks like, the fundamentals drive that outcome. But collective actions, communities, relationships, mutual support, expressions of trust or distrust, these are all things that federation can convey, foster, make not just successful but thrive.

This is one of the underlying reasons that NFT and blockchain nonsense is so pernicious. They're a gun pointed at mutualism and trust, an effort to turn everything into noun tokens, to destroy the possibility of future based on anything but noun commerce.

The Matrix team, though, they get it. Federated blocklists - that is, a system where an act of self defense seamlessly becomes an act of collective defense - is both a best-in-class community safety tool and the lowest hanging fruit in a space they're just starting to explore, and it's so full of possibility that my mind cannot encompass it.

@mhoye That's really cool that they are managing to make that work -- socially, I mean. There has been a lot of hemming and hawing about it in the fediverse context.

@darius The joy of it is that when a site whose stewardship you trust drops the hammer on some bad actor, that ban is immediately shared by your site and your community as well. You don’t have to have be subject to that bad-actoring yourself, you don't need to have whatever got them banned hit you in the eyes, you don’t even need to know they exist.


@mhoye have you seen @cblgh's thesis work? It is kind of this thing but for a full distributed network, and it gets into some of the mind bendy applications (separate trust graphs for different topics so I trust you to moderate on this topic but not that one or whatever) cblgh.org/articles/trustnet.ht

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