ugh after I upgrade I'm going to have to hack the report form aren't I?

What's the easiest way to get rid of the fake "I don't like it" option from the list?

cc: @darius

this is why I never fucking upgrade things.


@lawremipsum you could probably just put in a css rule in the admin CSS panel that sets the div to display: none

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@lawremipsum confirmed fix: go to Preferences -> Admin -> Site Settings, in the Custom CSS box put

.report-dialog-modal__container > div > label.dialog-option:nth-child(1) {
display: none;

@lawremipsum fwiw "I don't like it" works well for Friend Camp because we have literally silenced entire servers for consistently producing weak jokes (not offensive material. just weak). But I think ideally you could customize the reporting choices as an admin! Different communities, different norms.

@darius I have to actually use it to see how it works, but mostly I think "other" should cover it. "I don't like it" is implied!

@lawremipsum it does seem like a way for servers with 100k+ users to allow their users to self-select themselves into a "low priority report" bin

@darius yeah, I guess I also don't want reports from users on my instance that get forwarded to, say, an extremely large flagship instance, to get sorted into that bin.

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