Statistics terminology question 

Is there a term I can search for that describes the following:

- Study shows that A is correlated with B, r=0.9
- Different study shows C is correlated with B, r=0.8

The term I'm looking for is the "implied correlation" (my term) of A and C. 1) is it even epistemically valid, 2) how to calculate the implied r

My instinct tells me 1) is "sort of" and 2) is simply r1 * r2 but my instinct is often wrong. Also does Bayes' theorem somehow apply here??


Statistics terminology question 

This is pretty much the answer to 2:

Short of it is, given r1=0.9 and r2=0.8, the correlation r3 of A to C must be somewhere in the range of 0.458 and 0.981. So we can infer upper and lower bounds of correlation but not anything precise, and the lower bound is WAY worse than r1*r2 (and maybe this is coincidence but I suspect not, the mean of the range is r1*r2)

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