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This is a year of big garden plans for me but I've had to delay planting of some things up to six weeks because it's been such an unusually cold spring here in Portland.

The weather is starting to turn though and I think I can actually begin planting the stuff that I was planning for, uh, early April.

At least my peas are doing great and my tomatoes are going well in their little cold frame.

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Garden stuff 

Update: soil still too cold for planting 😭

Garden stuff 

@darius That’s great! What else are you planting?

The weather was nice enough down here in LA (shocker!) that we were able to plant in April.

This is our fourth year growing tomatoes, but our first time trying to grow them vertically on string. I’m a little nervous about it, but they seem to be doing well so far!

Garden stuff 

@anthony in the ground or permanent pots now: snap peas, parsnips, lettuce, garlic (overwintered), sorrel, mint

waiting indoors or in the cold frame: tomatoes (Mashenka and Gill's All Purpose, both selected for cold weather), cucumbers

Still just seed packets: lots more lettuce, fenugreek for nitrogen fixing when I pull stuff up, basil, cilantro

@allaboutgeorge veggies mostly, some herbs, some blueberries. I do have some flowers I've planted but it's less of a "project" than the food is

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@darius i was literally interrupted in the middle of getting stuff out of a toolbox to plant by my first (and hopefully last) experience with a complex migraine in early april. i finally managed to get it together to put some things in the dirt this week, a few days before we plunged from ~85 to 29°F and snowing. colorado gardening seems to be going about as well as in a typical year.

Garden stuff 

@darius There was an article in a local paper by a guy I know who works with the OSU extension service where he said we’re two and a half months into March, garden/planting wise. I’m finally tilling today.

Garden stuff 

@darius it's been a small consolation that it was seemingly a cold spring across the whole continent, because I have a strong tendency toward PNW shoulder season self pity

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