Question about bot/archive ethics, racism mention 

There's a collection of old roadside photos that I am turning into an automated bot to go here on fedi. There is definitely some racist imagery in there. I can do a keyword thing to catch when much of the racist imagery appears.

I am wondering: is it better to simply not show the racist imagery and present a sanitized version of history, or to put the racist imagery behind a CW so people can opt out but also it doesn't ignore the racism?


lol never mind! 

Someone beat me to it, the bot exists here, though I can't tell if it filters stuff or CWs certain posts or what

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lol never mind! 

@darius I don't recall ever seeing one CW'd.

lol never mind! 

@darius two cakes! (one with cws)

re: lol never mind! 

@darius no CW and iirc there was definitely racist stuff.. but I do not know if it's already a result of a fllter

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