Persian street food, incidentally vegan 

Came across this article that describes Persian grilled corn (balal) and what makes it uniquely delicious. In short, you shuck the corn, cook it directly on hot coals until almost blackened, then give it a bath in salt water for ten minutes or more.

I grew up eating this stuff and make it at least once each summer. Attached is a video of me making it a few summers ago.

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Persian street food, incidentally vegan 

@darius ooh that looks delicious!

I recall a similar charcoal grilled corn street food where a mixture of lemon, salt, and chilli powder is applied to it after grilling.

I’m definitely going to try it your way sometime, yum! 🤤

Persian street food, incidentally vegan 

@shahaan yeah! One of my Indian friends told me about this and I'm going to have to try it

Persian street food, incidentally vegan 

@darius growing up my fave was the Indonesian style where the street vendors would baste it with sweet soy sauce and then grill very dark over charcoal. this looks great too!

everyone in this country way undercooks their corn!

Persian street food, incidentally vegan 

@technomancy that sounds so good!

Persian street food, incidentally vegan 

@darius @technomancy as a person from the land of corn with definite Corn Opinions these both sound worth experimenting with. most standard american efforts at grilling the stuff seem to result in a strictly inferior product to either the "just boil it" approach i grew up with or the grilled street food variants i've hit a few places...

@darius i'm intrigued but i don't think i'm capable of grilling corn without making elotes. i think it would happen automatically and i would only realize my mistake after eating all of the corn.

street corn best corn

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