I was browsing the "hyperproceedings" of the 6th International World Wide Web Conference from 1997 and found this cool paper that proposes a method for servers to collaborate on tasks together in decentralized and asynchronous ways:

It's very "fediverse" and it's actually giving me some new design ideas...

(Stumbled on this conference because I follow the wayback_exe bot on Twitter: )

BTW that bot is now available on fediverse thanks to its author!


@darius From my initial skim this is interesting, especially given the context of the era. We've had the ideas of a fediverse from the start but (for the web community, anyway) they mostly evaporated in the boom.

@darius @wayback_exe ohhhhh I love that bot I'm glad its here I was already following it on Twitter

@datatitian @darius @cwebber

Going to read with interest. Looking into event-based architecture + actor model myself.

Funny that CORBA is also mentioned. I was quite excited at the time that started.

@darius Seems to overlap in purpose with the semantic web proposed a few years later, which has never quite reached fruition.


Well, in 1 of the past 10 ActivityPub meetings we did also talk about how to “Describe Potential Actions of Objects” natively in ActivityPub cause Evan and James already thought about it for AS …

Please note the CFP for upcoming FediCamp

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