So if any server admin types are interested, it should be pretty easy* to run an instance of my RSS to ActivityPub converter as a nice bonus for your users. It lets people with a login on your Mastodon or Hometown server create ActivityPub accounts that are mirrors of RSS feeds (process pictured in attachments). ONLY people with a login to your server can use it, because you don't want to moderate this service for randos

*easy for linux server administration, huge lmao

Note that feeds created here can be followed by anyone on any server, but the people who can make new feeds are limited to your users who have already agreed to your terms of service, and who you can suspend etc if they use this RSS mirror thing poorly.

I tried running a public version of this and it was overwhelmed by spammers and also I had to keep track of like... taking down harassment-focused RSS feeds etc. Easier to just limit it to people I trust.

Oh right and the ultimate point of this is you can do stuff like make a list of blogs you follow and use your Mastodon/Hometown as a feed reader. So for example, I have a "Subreddits" list full of updates from the "weekly top posts" feed of subreddits I follow. And another list for blogs that friends write, etc.

@darius is there a public version for this instance?

@darius Totally forgot that you are from a different instance :/

@darius This sounds amazing & helpful. I have no idea what you’re talking about but glad there are people out there who do. Carry on.

@darius this is very cool Darius!! I'm currently talking to friends and comrades about maybe starting a server but I think now the question is: what is the value-add to a closed space like a discord. cool stuff like this might be it

@darius Thank you for trying. I was building a site called "Feed Me Weird Things" in the nascent days of RSS and I bet this would have been the outcome. That saves me some time wondering what would have been

@darius does this mean you cd use mastadon as an rss reader to read more widely than mastadon posts?

@heathr yep! I use it to follow reddit, my friends' blogs (that support RSS), etc.

@darius would you post a screenshot?

Also, where do you find DMs here?

@heathr Here's a screenshot of my "Blogs" list timeline.

Where you find DMs really depends on what app you're using. If you're on the web client on desktop it is in the right hand menu. (screenshot attached). On mobile web, you click the hamburger menu in the upper right and it appears in a list. (another screenshot attached) As for the apps, I am not sure, they're all different

@darius i’m in mastadon’s app I think. No hamburger. Which app are you using?

@heathr I use the web app on my phone (just go to the domain in my web browser)

@darius Hey @jon we could bring back #bloggingportal and integrate it automatically into the fediverse...

@mathew @darius Ha. If only there were any blogs about the EU any more!

@jon @darius toots can get pretty long, you know ;) How long are they on @PaulNemitz's server?

@jon @mathew @darius
there is an astonishing Commons committee hearing going on in the UK at the moment with various sensible lawyers, including @GeorgePeretzKC absolutely trashing a typically useless and ignorant junior minister on the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform Bill).
"Do you see any risks in the government's approach?"
"There is nothing but risk in the government's approach."
"You seem very negative..." (she didn't actually say 'anti-growth', but she might as well have done.

@darius I keep meaning to make a docker image of this. I'll add it to my todo list as I want it my homeserver.

@darius Oh man. This just makes so much sense. And makes me wonder what happened to Jorn Barger.

@darius Do I need to be the admin of a Mastodon/Hometown server to make this work, or can I just run a server and decide that all * accounts can add feeds?

@darius Does this server do something with incoming messages by the way, like for example a Mastodon account replying to a post? Or does all that stuff go straight to /dev/null?

@brecht it needs to process incoming follow requests but everything else is trashed

@nemobis I do not know about that feature. If Pleroma just has a built-in RSS reader, mine is different because it creates ActivityPub posts that can be boosted, discussed, etc. If Pleroma fully converts the feeds to ActivityPub actors then there's no difference!

@darius I'm sorry, I mixed up with #Friendica. All I know is what this one line of documentation says:

I'm not sure, but I believe @cybersecurity is an example of a "contact" created by importing an RSS feed.

@nemobis I am guessing it's the former, then. Basically a private feed reader that merges with your timeline, rather than a true actor on the network that many people can interact with and discuss

@darius Very nice, i would love to try it! Do the RSS posts show up in the local timeline of the instance? Just wondering if it could become a bit spammy for the other people on the instance if multiple feeds are added.

@manetta they are posted as "unlisted" so they don't go in the timelines except the home feeds of people who follow them

@manetta also technically it's not local, it's on a different server! instead of social.example

@darius it's possible to see output of this mirror script somehow? I tried to follow longreads from your screenshot but it does not works for reasons unkwnown to me.

I am running small social network called and this script will be great for mirror our shitposting into fedi.

@severak what do you mean by "does not work" to follow longreads? If you don't see any posts in the feed that's normal, it will only start appearing to you once they fill in.

@darius they need to publish new article to be visible on my feed? Do I understand correctly?

@severak basically it will only deliver messages to accounts who subscribe to it

@darius Is this like Friendica's built in feature where you can follow any RSS feed and also make it autopost on as your account?

@darius Interesting! I might have to play with that once I fix a few other things.

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