Special thanks to the Mastodon team for reaching out to me ahead of time to coordinate the security release. I couldn't have done it this fast without the heads-up from them.


Just to reiterate: I'm working on a version of that is up to date with today's release of Mastodon 4.0. It's going to take... a while. I can't really provide an estimate yet.

@est I think probably yes? I am still in the "evaluate how much work it will be" stage

@darius take your time because honestly the changes sound annoying as hell and like i'm going to have to set up an external site for info/rules and write custom css and shit *rubs temples* plush.city/@mawr/1093486678707

@nev oh boy. Yeah. I might at least wait for 4.1.0 -- tbh I think that is how I handled the 2 to 3 migration for friend camp (before Hometown existed and it was just our little personal fork). I think 3.1 was my first merge

@nev also 4.0 is not a foregone conclusion. If it really really really really really makes sense I am open to ........ gulp....... diverging more significantly from upstream

@t54r4n1 @nev well, you have to understand that "it" involves making my life significantly more difficult and worse!

@darius @nev Apparently if you merge 3.5.x that'll get you up to date on security fixes at least mastodon.social/@val@oc.todon.

@mcc @nev to the Mastodon team's credit they gave me a few days advance notice so I was ready to do the merge really fast and make it available to Hometown admins within minutes of the Mastodon security patch release

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