For those who don't know, Bookwyrm is basically a better, federated Goodreads. Because it speaks ActivityPub, you can subscribe to someone's Bookwyrm feed from directly in Mastodon and see the book reviews they post!

Also there are 2 spots remaining in the Bookwyrm patreon to pay $40/mo and support the project in a huge way *and* have @tripofmice run a server for you and 50 of your bookwormiest friends:

also you can follow my book reviews at , though I haven't posted there in a while

oh hey looks like there's only ONE SPOT LEFT NOW to be a super cool supporter with your own awesome server 😎

ooh looks like there are no spots left in the get-your-own-server tier!

@heathr well, bookwyrm is entirely different software that lets me rate and review and catalog my books. and then it has the added benefit that when I'm doing that stuff there, people on mastodon (or wherever) who choose so can comment and we can talk. it's about the affordances that the other software gives me for creating stuff (in this case a record of my books). if I was just chatting about books I would simply do it here

@darius @heathr it's still kind of a bummer that you have to create a different identity for that.

@darius @tripofmice this is very tempting. I've been thinking about running my own servers, but… time

@darius @tripofmice I’m excited to look into this. I love Goodreads, but you know… Amazon.

@athulsudheesh @tripofmice @darius you found it now, enjoy, and let others know how much better it is here;)

@darius I’ve tried Bookwyrm, tried to import my Goodreads data, and it turns out that Bookwyrm doesn’t have over 100 of the books I have. Not looking forward to entering them all manually. Plus, haven’t yet figured out how to share anything I post there to Mastodon, or indeed to anywhere. So, while it might have a potential to be a superior platform, I’m not sure it’s there yet :ablobcatknitsweats:

@darius @tripofmice how do you follow a bookwyrm instance from mastodon? I was part of a different instance on bookwyrm but I couldnt find it here on mastodom

@DocCarms @tripofmice you can't follow a whole server but you follow individual accounts. so for example, if I put in my mastodon search, that account shows up and I can follow it

@darius @tripofmice I like bookwyrm, but I only support free software. No money for non-free software from me.

@darius @tripofmice

And if you found really awesome books there, keep in mind - there is another fedibook thing where you can then also check if somebody near you lends this book :)

@Klampfradler 🎸🚴

"No money for non-free software"

#Bookwyrm is released for FREE use by individuals and organizations that do not operate by capitalist principles.

@mouse reeve perhaps doing this out of the same good reasons like some others release software as "public domain", which you call illegale.

This comes down also to a philosophic question, what Freedom is and how you can really archive it ... Have a read by Maria #Montessori

@Darius Kazemi
@Sebastian Lasse

@darius Tempting... this would mean moving to another Mastodon instance, right?

@JenRohrigDesign if you want to write reviews you will need an account on a BookWyrm server (mastodon has nothing to do with it, but the two speak the same language on the backend so they can talk to one another)

@darius Ohh so do I just sign up for an account but I keep my current Mastodon account?

@darius Or do you mean its' a separate thing all together not even Mastodon related? Just using the same kind of setup?

@JenRohrigDesign if you want to create reviews over there yes you need to create an account. and you also keep your mastodon account. for example this account I am writing from is where I do twitter style microblogging, and is where I post my book reviews (by logging in to bookwyrm)

If I *just* wanted to chat about books I could do that here, and chat with people on Bookwyrm even! But bookwyrm also helps me catalog my books

@darius Understood! Thank you. I created an account but it's now so slow over there i can't do anything. I'll wait and see if it all calms down over the weekend or maybe it will get worse for a bit... who knows.

@JenRohrigDesign yeah give it some time, everyone is hurting right now!

@darius @tripofmice Please advise. Should I just follow people who are Bookwym from my existing Mastodon account? Or make a Bookwyrn account and use that?

@mike @tripofmice basically, whatever you prefer! if you want to WRITE reviews using bookwyrm you'll need an account but if you just want to follow people's reviews, you can use Mastodon. that's one of the main advantages of federated services and it rules

@darius @tripofmice Aha, and I guess the same applies with other Fediverse apps: you only need an account on them if you want to *create*. Right?

@tripofmice @mike @darius

Do you only want to just see what others are doing? Follow from mastodon.

Do you want to create and manage your own reading history? Make a bookwyrm account.

@darius @tripofmice Thanks a lot for the link! I was searching for an alternative to goodreads a few weeks ago, but ultimately settled on making a page on my website for this since I couldn't find any alternative (and didn't get bookwyrm offered as alternative anywhere)

@darius I set up an account earlier this morning but it says I've only requested to follow myself from Mastodon- and I definitely don't have follow requests enabled in Bookwyrm. Is that expected?

@tacoman_x86 if the server is extremely swamped, which is highly likely today of all days (it's the busiest day I've ever seen on fediverse stats-wise), it might just take a while for the back-and-forth handshake that's required to happen

@darius @tripofmice

This is exactly why I joined mastodon, it may be a bit more complex but because it is open there are more possibilities. Reminds me of the web.

@darius Awesome information here! I've been trying to figure out how these platforms all speak to each other, and the answers here explained it really well! 😄

Now if only there was a cool way to link accounts on different platforms together...

@darius @tripofmice
I'm not seeing on the website - can you import your history from GR?

@darius @tripofmice I wonder if it is a good place for an author to market a book? Thoughts welcome!

@tripofmice @darius i am going to keep using storygraph cause it's owned by a black person

@darius @tripofmice I looked but didn't see - is there a way to import from Goodreads (or another book reading/library tracking tool into Bookwyrm? I have a decade of longer of tracking my library in Goodreads which is hard to give up as it is very useful (I'm also more into Goodreads for my own tracking than for seeing other's reviews though I do like seeing them when from friends)

@darius @tripofmice thanks. I’ll take a look. I suspect my db might be challenging but I’ll see how it works (I have a fair number of obscure books amongst my shelves). I’m also curious if the import retains ratings/reviews/read times (including multiple reads) of the books when imported. But that will in part be a factor of what data Goodreads exports as well as the import process.

@darius @tripofmice A picture service not owned by Facebook and a book service not owned by Amazon? Yeessss.

@darius @tripofmice Yes, Bookwyrm is nice, but there ist one big problem: its licence isn't open source at all.

@darius shame that imports it Goodreads data are currently disabled 😢

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