I wonder if we can get to be the next banned url on twitter

@darius did get banned on Twitter?

@darth_mall did (but not org, and not the hyperlink, just the text string "" gets flagged as a malicious site)

@darius @darth_mall thats because it was a malicious site for a long time. The project only recently aquired the .com domain.

@darius LOL I just tried to "delete & redraft" on Twitter. Forgot that doesn't exist there.

Just posted it:

@darius I've been tempted to try and do one for Orcas Island.

Like promote it in town and with friends. There's only 7k full time residents, so it doesn't feel out of the realm of possibility to get quite a few people.

@PlasticJohnny I'm a.huge fan of servers for geographic communities

@darius @PlasticJohnny I was thinking about this...does that mean the admin/moderator of the geographic instance becomes the Mayor?

@darius I've been thinking about doing this and I think this just pushed me over the hump to a "let's do it."

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