From now on this is my official explanation of the :

ok so we've clearly all read Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. Remember W.A.S.T.E.? the network of trash cans run by societal dropouts? and somehow they manage to deliver letters from trash can to trash can? that's fediverse

@darius no wait come back you're a cornerstone of the fediverse !!

@darius i really gotta find my Mozambique triangles

@darius my first two Pynchon associations are this scene and you talking about Poisson Distribution in the context of Gravity's Rainbow so this image aligns perfectly with my priors.

@darius now *that's* a replacement for "toot!" I can get behind

@darius does that make Twitter or Facebook the Raketen-Stadt?

@mathew I was going to say Facebook but I guess Twitter is now owned by a man who is psychosexually obsessed with launching rockets

This is not helping 😤 at all. Can you please lure all the extremely bright Twitter people into the fediverse who are complaining it's too fvcking *complicated*. I cannot & will not subscribe to 200 substacks.

@waldlaeuferin @darius

If only there were a syndication format they could use. Something Really Simple.

@darius I remember a p2p sharing protocol was also named after w.a.s.t.e.

@darius Hey, at least we’re not that other network #Pynchon hypothesized: of light bulbs ensuring they each burned out according to a proper Poisson process, and didn’t survive longer than appropriate.

@darius aw you just broke my heart.
Reminded me of the W.A.S.T.E. peer to peer program 😭


There's been a post-horn in the branding of my instance since the very beginning for much this reason. The first one's under the toot box, the second one was on the front page until an update broke my custom HTML.

@darius /me orders a new book that sounds amazing, thanks for sharing!

@darius change the hometown logo to the W.A.S.T.E. logo

@darius I feel like you underestimated how many people had read that book... I sure did.

@hatebunny oh that was part of the joke, that I am the kind of snob who assumes everyone has read their pynchon

@darius weird that i have this book on my desk after finding it sodden on a bench. I guess i should read it..?

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