Hey admins, if you don't want the "I don't like it" option in the reporting interface, there is a custom css fix that works for now, and I will remove it permanently in a future build. More info about the feature and how to get rid of it in comments here:

@darius When I first learned about this I was against it but when I thought about it longer I didn't really see an issue with showing people how to control what they see. In my opinion the page with the block/mute/unfollow options should just have a button that says "I want to report this post anyways" instead of completely removing it.

@darius I guess it depends on the user, for some people it's obvious but I imagine that for some people it's actually useful (but I don't know that for sure of course)

@darius I'll throw my two cents into the issue itself when I get a chance, but in the meantime:

Seems like a good opportunity for a "this doesn't break any rules explicitly, but it might be harmful to the community we're trying to build" category.

That's a lot of words for the category, but... y'know.

@darius that “feature” really just sounds like someone trying to fix a serious lack of moderators with code… ugh.

Gargron chisme 

@stragu @darius which sounds exactly like what a techbro who's all "I fired all the moderators from a server with 100s of thousands of people and can totally manage it all on my own, honest!" would do

Gargron chisme 

@admin @stragu he is bringing on more moderators last I heard (they might already be there but I don't really keep track of that stuff)

Gargron chisme 

@darius @stragu That's great but what made him think he could do it on his own in the first place dkdkfg

@stragu @darius and, together, have one Moderator. that Moderator is the Designer and developer of this feature.

@darius The CSS fix is great, thank you!

I'm genuinely confused by the motivation behind that option.

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