Another favorite bot of mine has moved to fediverse: @winampskins

It posts old WinAmp skins, along with a link to a working in-browser version you can play with. Great for a dose of late 90s and early 2000s amateur graphic design nostalgia.

Caveat: No alt text on its images. Mot sure how you'd automate that, and ML taggers would be missing the point entirely

@darius the edit api works on 1.0.7 with subway tooter

@michcia oh riiight because a version of the edit api was in place in 3.5.5 there just wasn't UI exposure?

@darius yup pretty much
someone had a guide for how to enable it in pre-v4 UI (or maybe it required running on the main branch? can't remember) but i couldn't find it

@darius Do you have a list of bots you've made that are on Mastodon?

@kevinbuist I don't have a ton that are currently running.





there are a few others but they haven't posted in a while and I should probably debug them

@darius @winampskins Nice little hit of nostalgia. I favored the skeuomorphic skins myself, along the lines of these two:

@darius @winampskins Winamp! ⚡ Nice little bump of nostalgia. I favored the more understated, or might I say "classy" 😏, skeuomorphic skins like this one:


Another winamp skin, it reminds me of listening to $InsertRandomBandInThatYear in $PIckRandomLocation during my early years. My $RandomEmotion was reflected by the skin's $MostSignificantColor.

@darius @winampskins

Sorry, but having a bot forwarding messages doesn't make them part of the Fediverse.

@BobCollins @darius @winampskins It's not forwarding messages. It's posting directly to Mastodon and I've shut down the Twitter version.

@BobCollins @darius @winampskins That's because I selected that option in the bot's profile to signal to others that the posts are automated. Is that not expected for a bot?

@captbaritone @darius @winampskins

I'm not sure what or why you did, but to a Mastodon user, it looks like a bot account (usually forwarding from somewhere Twitter) and not a Fediverse-local account.

Bots may serve a purpose, but I choose not to follow them.

@BobCollins @darius @winampskins it is a bot (it says so in its name) but it’s not forwarding and it is a Mastodon account just like any other (just one posted to by a script and not a person).

You’re more than welcome to choose not to follow it, but I’m confused by your conclusion that it’s not a “Fediverse-local account”.

Anyway, not hard feelings. Sounds like it’s just a difference in semantics. I hope you’re having a nice week!

@captbaritone @darius @winampskins

I think I may understand more of what you are doing. Unfortunately, all of my previous experience with bot accounts is with Twitter users spreading their tweets.

I lumped your bot in with those who were not really participating here, and my personal choice is/was to not follow them.

I see that there may be useful power in the bot mechanism/label. I hope to learn more of when it's appropriate.

@darius @winampskins those were the times! Brings back memories. ♥️

@darius Thanks for sharing this! I use Qmmp, so it's nice getting some interesting Winamp skins to use with it.

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