Another favorite bot of mine has moved to fediverse: @winampskins

It posts old WinAmp skins, along with a link to a working in-browser version you can play with. Great for a dose of late 90s and early 2000s amateur graphic design nostalgia.

Caveat: No alt text on its images. Mot sure how you'd automate that, and ML taggers would be missing the point entirely

@darius the edit api works on 1.0.7 with subway tooter

@michcia oh riiight because a version of the edit api was in place in 3.5.5 there just wasn't UI exposure?

@darius yup pretty much
someone had a guide for how to enable it in pre-v4 UI (or maybe it required running on the main branch? can't remember) but i couldn't find it
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