Something on my to-do list is a prose walkthrough of like... the causal step one, two, three, etc of a basic ActivityPub back-and-forth. Covering the behind-the-scenes of a series of events like:

- A follows B
- A now sees a post from B in their home timeline
- A replies to that post
- B now sees the post from their home timeline

It wouldn't be a programming tutorial, it would me saying what has to happen in what order for these things to successfully occur

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@darius would love to have something like that to share with technical-but-non-programmer friends.

@darius Yes please! The prose on its own would be stellar; combine it with a snipped example json/whatever for that step and it’d be exactly the resource I keep hoping for.

@darius Yes, and I’d absolutely read something similar by, e.g., @jle or @hacdias! 🤪

Accepting followers and sending out Create activities for simple Notes is about as far as I got when I last gave ActivityPub a try. Would love to see semi-simple examples of Update and Delete activities, processing requests to shared inboxes, what an outbox should look like, how Mastodon treats Notes vs. Articles, and so on

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