Jumping off what @blaine is saying here:

I work in professional fact-checking and content moderation for my day job at and I have begun conversations about ways to do content moderation as a federated service that admins can pay to subscribe to (where moderators are paid a living wage, maybe in worker owned coops even, as opposed to big social media companies using basically sweatshop moderation labor)

@darius @blaine CMaaS.

I also do comment moderation as part of my (part-time) day job, and I would totally be on board with this.

@darius @blaine It would be epic 🍿 if somehow post-Elon Twitter eventually ended up contracting with and paying that coop to fill in and fix the damage from what he broke.

@darius @blaine this sounds really exciting especially if it can be done in a way that really looks after people

@darius @blaine instances who subscribe and respect moderation choices could get more priority federation, and still have some sort of probationary period for other new instances

@onyxraven I don't think a service like this should be capable of limiting the federation availability of servers that are not paying them a fee. There's a repugnant power imbalance there

@darius @blaine

@Crazypedia @darius @blaine yeah… it’d be one way to signal trust. I agree it’s not perfect. But where can we start? We need multiple ways to offer moderation and safety.

@darius @blaine I was a on the YouTube T&S team and while there are many talented people there working extremely hard, leadership was terrified of introducing more transparency and community input into policy and enforcement. So excited to see what's possible here - I think a more open approach helps strengthen communities.

@darius @blaine

It may be that this is necessary as the fediverse gets larger. But I'm remembering the reasons I stopped hosting small email servers - as the amount of friction and money required to successfully bring an instance into the network grows, the pressure to centralize on big instances grows, and the core value of federation is lost.

@darius @blaine this is great! A conversation with meta filter about their BIPOC advisory board might be informative on this

@blindscribe @blaine yup! I'm excited to see what third party tools get built with this.

@darius @blaine I would love to see tools for a version of this as community based moderation that could incorporate relays and other services as a type of community hub
Admins and users would be able to subscribe to block or even allow lists based on their relay/hub, and opt in to their moderation decisions.

As an admin, I would also be interested in a subscription service for moderation as well

@darius this would probably benefit from having a more standardised categorisation of moderation reasons so you could make certain types of reports only go to a select group that's specifically trained / certified for (e.g. certain kinds of abuse), or so moderators can opt-out from certain categories (e.g. nsfw or perhaps those relying on media display).

@darius @blaine Hey @fraying, remember how we were talking about how smart Darius is tonight? :)

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