Just a little thing I noticed this morning -- the favicon on Google Calendar tabs always shows the day of the month. This morning I came back to my laptop and my calendar tab had been in some kind of sleep state so it read "30". I went and reloaded the page and interestingly, instead of going straight to "1", it went to "31" for half a second and then refreshed itself to "1". Which means there must be some code somewhere that says "increment the day by 1. then check to see if that's correct."

I could complain about a lot of other things in my garden but there is no question that my peas are loving this cold, wet, long spring.

These are Magnolia Blossom Sugar Snap Peas from Adaptive Seeds: adaptiveseeds.com/product/vege

Reading about a Google Research project that generates videos of objects bumping into each other. I thought, cool, this is cute for like, making random weird vids!

Then I read the attached section on why they made it in the first place

Folks, they are trying to make up for the lack of ground truth video of physical object interaction by *simulating those interactions and training the AI on the simulation*


Google can rest assured that I am NEVER pressing this second button

WOWWWW someone released a free theme park simulator for PICO-8! Play it in the browser here:


Oh hey, I found my notes I took on this project originally in like... I want to say it was summer 2019 at the DWEB conference at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. I cheekily title the project "The Great American Novel" because that is the working title for all my projects that seem too big.

Forgive my handwriting and my brainstorming of ideas for naming the project. Which I guess still isn't named.

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Ao no Kiseki spoilers 

@danbruno Picked it back up. I'm spoiled enough to say: what a little shit this guy is

Sooo as an experiment I have decided to start hosting my new fediverse bots on my own software rather than a Mastodon server like botsin dot space. If you follow @bottwosentencehorror you should at some point see posts in your timeline that are parodies of the "bad two sentence horror" Twitter account.

They should look something like the attached image (though not with formatting if you're on vanilla Mastodon).

I'm pleased to note that even dolphin.town, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

On Mastodon and , you can turn off boosts in the Home timeline by clicking the settings button at the top of the timeline. Not helpful if you're trying to find new accounts to follow, but if you're like me and want a chill timeline, it helps.

You can also turn off boosts from individuals: go to their profile and click the three dots. This is useful if an individual is a bit spammy on the boosts.

(This works on the web interface, not necessarily third party phone apps.)

A sincere tip for longtime fediverse people who would like their friends to stick around here longer than a week:

If you're on Mastodon or Hometown, you can click the "bell" icon in the profile of someone you follow. This will make it so that every time they post, it will appear in your notifications like an "@". I am enabling this temporarily for friends so that I remember to interact with them. This is important for making this place feel more lively and helps people stick around!

more Twitter lol 

Here's a FOSS enthusiast recommending to Matt Baer that he check out writefreely in favor of write.as.

Matt runs both of these projects.

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more Twitter lol 

Can't argue here: Discord is "probably the biggest content platform operated by the discord community"

To be fair I am 70% sure this person is ~15

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Twitter lol 

He does not seem to know my whole deal is: doing the work and being nice to people

"im not owned! im not owned!!", the lettuce continues to insist as it slowly shrinks and is transformed into a big mac

"Login to a bastard host who insists on it"

Some internet mail code comments (presumably a TODO for this blank function) from 1979 - 1981. This was pre-SMTP, using MTP with FTP as a backup.


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