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Oregon stay-at-home order, info 

This is the only website that should offer information about Alexis from Schitt's Creek


I'm regrettably no longer able to offer my RSS to ActivityPub converter to the general public. This is because:

- it's wildly popular and my hosting costs keep going up for it
- it's been getting used for more and more purposes I'm uncomfortable with, which I've tried to mitigate but new ones keep popping up

I'll be releasing a new version soon that will let admins allow only people with permissions (either a user/password or a Mastodon account) to create new feeds.

Old IWW posters are great. I found this one while searching for one from ~1917 that purportedly read "Don't Be a Soldier, Be a Man".

I'm at Carnelian Coffee in PDX and they have an excellent cold brew (truly exceptionally good) and also minerals on display and books on minerals you can buy?? Also shocked that the minerals appear science themed rather than mysticism themed. (Nothing wrong with witch crystals but science rocks are more my aesthetic.)

I took snippets of the DEC BASIC-8 manual for the TSS/8 operating system and inserted them into a poetry generator. This is the poem. (The randomizer runs the same every time (no seeds though I could fake it) so this is in a sense *the* output.)

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You know what's fun? Pressing a button and making this thing click and whirr and blink.

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Having fun with BASIC-8 interpreter on the PDP-8/e at the Living Computers Museum in Seattle. Made a weird little landscape/flag generator.

I appreciate that this person picked a tag that also describes their state of being while tagging


omg this is cool, I only had to change one line of code and now my gath fork provides verrrry minimal Friendica compatibility! (the end time is the same as the start time, probably a bug on my end, but still, this is neat to see this working "for free" after implementing Event activities)

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@liaizon Something else cool is that Hometown renders ActivityPub Events. This is an Event that has landed in my inbox, not a Note :)

My goal is to make an Events tab in Hometown that consumes these and you can see what events you are following in a calendar view or something (probably just a list to start)

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