None of these garlic shoots were here a few days ago. I love gardening

git stuff 

Something I learned in my ~3rd year of using git that has saved my ass many times: `git commit -am [commit message]` should be avoided. You inevitably end up auto-adding files you shouldn't, and the CLI encourages short commit messages.

Significantly better to do `git commit -v -a`. This pulls up your default editor and shows you the diff of the changes you are about to commit. You can see if any unwanted files/changes are about to be committed, and easily enter a verbose description.

Paracelsus on the satyrion orchid root:

"[I]s it not formed like the male privy parts? No one can deny this." (Selected Writings, early 16th century)

Messing around in Koala sampler with the intro to Rosinha de Valença's "Summertime" (source: All the percussion is manipulated beatboxing

only today learning about and I have succumbed to Squarch Squadness

ssh tech mystery, help? 

For a few months now, when I ssh to one particular machine from Win10 via Putty or WinSCP, after entering valid credentials I get this error: "remote side unexpectedly closed network connection." For Putty, this happens on stable 0.74, the current dev snapshot, and even an older version, 0.60. WinSCP is the latest stable version.

When I ssh from the same machine, booted into linux, it works fine.

I found only unanswered support threads googling for the error message.

I made a toy that generates "What vibes do I give off?" style memes from Wikipedia categories. Enjoy.

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