Whenever I type in an Outlook Web Access url (owa.example.com, etc), in my head I hear a DJ doing a baby scratch on a sample of someone saying "oh" (owa-owa-owa-owa)

This little game where you control a "maple copter" as it floats to the ground is really lovely.


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Seriously considering eating one BLT a day until peak tomato season is over.

The paper is accompanied by an iOS app you can get on the App Store. ATTN is a blank screen that "provides a particular solution (the empty, dimming screen) to an imaginary problem (the need to consume content on a phone)."

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Here's a (former?) insignia of PEO STRI, the US Army's main R&D arm for virtual simulation of war. Hell of an ideology

Here is a paper in the November 1922 issue of the Bell System Technical Journal about mechanical switching systems for telephones where the author says "probability math sucks so I'm also restating all my math as equivalent dice rolling problems"


My main Audacity tip is to learn to use the multi-tool. It is a mode of interaction where you can hold down keyboard buttons to toggle what the mouse/trackpad does. Learning it took a few minutes, getting comfortable with it took a few hours, and it increased my working speed roughly 2X.


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Started on Hellenica, a Final Fantasy Tactics style game that takes place in steampunk ancient Greece. I was... not expecting to meet cute anime boy Plato but here we are.

The game itself so far is a really nice SRPG with a pretty slick, fast-moving UI (games in this genre can often feel like you are stuck in sluggish menu hell and this one does not).


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I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: if you want some wholesome / nostalgic internet times, check out Wiby, the "Search Engine for the Classic Web". It's based on (moderated) user submissions of old school websites. Use to post the good stuff you come across!!!


I just found Zack's Snake Page, which is actually just a giant image with hot zones you can click to go to other images???

This article about the current decades-long work to recalibrate the notion of "height" in US geological surveys and so forth is fascinating and reminds me so much of like... in a video game engine when you get too far away from the origin and start losing precision in your floating point numbers and suddenly your physics starts to glitch


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While you were chickening the thighs, I was thickening the chais

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I always feel like a wizard when I use the "word boundary" feature of regex

This was my Windows 95 desktop wallpaper for a very long time. It was one of the most beautiful calming things to me age 13 or so.


T.G.I.M.S. (thank goodness it's mango season)

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