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So, AI Dungeon 2 has been making the rounds on Twitter and it's pretty amazing. It basically fine-tunes the GPT-2 text model on text adventure transcripts and creates something interactive and remarkably coherent, like having an improv partner. It's ridiculously good.

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In my mind this is what @casey does all day long

(from this brochure describing the Tektronix 4002 Graphic Computer Terminal, )

I always feel better when I'm reminded that even can't keep their certs up to date sometimes

I love the weird little easter eggs that programmers have always put in their programs. Like this remote job entry program by RAND Corporation in 1972 which featured a "BYE, BYE BANANA" message when you quit.

My @glitchlogos t-shirts are for sale once again! I've brought back the PlayStation and Starbucks editions, and I've added a glitched Seal of the President of the United States for good measure.

Teespring is running a promotion, if you order today with the code F3STIVE you'll get 10% off!

It's November, which means it's National Novel Generation Month, where people write code that writes a novel!

I would love to see more beginner programmers participate, so I just wrote a blog post that highlights some very simple novel generators that were made last year.

For the purposes of this exercise let us imagine a procession of Umberlands, beginning with the 1st Umberland, followed by the 2nd Umberland, extending to an arbitrary Umberland we shall call the


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FINALLY, a "flush only toilet paper" sign that closes what I call the human waste loophole

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@anna I added a "Blob" category to our emoji picker. Mr. Blobby is in there as an honorable mention :blobby:

This is the first time I've ever seen this on a google search.

Peggy Karp's RFC 247 is the first RFC to make me laugh out loud since the early RFC 100s I think

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