@wxcafe I hope there is a rich person out there whose entire form of conspicuous consumption is that they eat only NIST reference food

your periodic reminder that you can do anything at zombocom, anything at all https://html5zombo.com/

@mhoye I have one of those app scales but I just never set it up and its "fail" state is you can stand on it and it tells you your weight

Revenge 🤝 bob has money
being able to even the score

@hache lol I am familiar with David and also with video game history and that's a really silly claim

Anyway, if the Cities: Skylines people ever did something like let you play entirely different games on a map of your city... I would give them all my money

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@firewally did you ever have a city with a military base in it? You could land your copter in the base and get out and grab an Apache and then just blow up your city with missiles (or shoot down a UFO!)

Also SimCopter had an easter egg in it that a programmer inserted without permission where on his birthday and on his boyfriend's birthday, the city would be full of men in swim trunks holding hands and making kissing noises. I remember there was a controversy about it at the time, they fired the programmer and released a patch you could download to get rid of it (which was pretty unusual at the time) :(


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@firewally I seem to recall you could also turn your fire hose (used to put out forest fires) on them

@smadin they did, kind of! You could import your Sims 2 characters to SimCity 4 but it was pretty limited

SimCity 2000 + SimCopter + Streets of SimCity was such a glorious trifecta from Maxis. Like... the fact that you could import your cities into the other two games and either fly around them doing rescue missions or drive around them blowing stuff up... incredible

don't have to tell all of YOU this, but what a bunch of bullshit to ignore the great work of the Social Web W3C group! Twitter has done nothing but antagonize us in the process. Keep reminding these opportunistic fools. https://www.w3.org/wiki/Socialwg#Social_Web_Working_Group https://www.w3.org/TR/social-web-protocols/

In better news, there was a cat named Patches that everyone thought was lost in a mudslide, but actually made it out fine and came back 3 years later

Looks like someone's been feeding her all this time. Or she was somehow able to take care of herself because cat


“Stealing, of course, is a crime, and a very impolite thing to do. But like most impolite things, it is excusable under certain circumstances. Stealing is not excusable if, for instance, you are in a museum and you decide that a certain painting would look better in your house, and you simply grab the painting and take it there. But if you were very, very hungry, and you had no way of obtaining money, it would be excusable to grab the painting, take it to your house, and eat it.” - Lemony Snickett, The Wide Window

@emilyst one of my favorite mastodon features is the one that does OCR on images to pull the text out

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