@darius I think there might be a backup (and actually, higher resolution) favicon that always shows "31" (which it used to show every day), and it might have shown that until it completed loading the new one

@darius i think that's the default favicon before Google 31 has fully loaded

Just a little thing I noticed this morning -- the favicon on Google Calendar tabs always shows the day of the month. This morning I came back to my laptop and my calendar tab had been in some kind of sleep state so it read "30". I went and reloaded the page and interestingly, instead of going straight to "1", it went to "31" for half a second and then refreshed itself to "1". Which means there must be some code somewhere that says "increment the day by 1. then check to see if that's correct."

Ok I am on Cohost now. I expect to mostly lurk and test out features but if you wanna follow me there, I'm there!


I started writing this in late April and finished it over the weekend. One of those things I wish I didn’t feel the need to write. My Instagram is where my poetry generally shows up, hence the tag.

cohost + 

@misty yeah pretty much my entire federated social media evangelism has been trying to do the latter (to some success, I think)

cohost + 

I say this sincerely, and as someone who appreciates and develops open source software: one advantage to making your social media platform closed source is that it's not immediately overrun with people posting about free open source software.

It honestly might be a better move to start closed source, grow your user base, and *then* make it open source so the FLOSS nerds you attract can't overwhelm the platform

@scanlime yes!!! thank you for expressing it the way I think about it

terfs & language 

So apparently, terfs now consider “gender critical” a term they until recently preferred to be a slur. It’s like any label that can be used to identify them they don’t like. Which I think makes sense they don’t want to have a label they just want to be the unspoken status quo because they know anytime their views are examined they are rejected

I've built these things and run them for tens of thousands of people and even at that small (felt very big at the time) size, they just fell apart so quickly. you need them to be community run and to limit the need for wide moderation.

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@prophet_goddess @catalina looking around I think I found the source of my confusion: when p5 royal was announced, a lot of fan sites assumed the new character would be a main character and published headlines to that effect

@catalina @prophet_goddess wait maybe not? idk I find the whole what-royal-even-is thing confusing

@prophet_goddess @catalina similarly I'm never going to play the girl character in p5 even though I totally would have if she was available from the start! because, well, I'm never going to sink 80 hours or whatever into replaying p5 haha

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