@maloki trying to understand the malicious part: is it that people who are following an old, inactive account may have in the intervening time blocked or unfollowed your active account and that this is a way to force a follow? (Also I'm curious if this would do anything in the case of someone who had blocked Account B already)

Forgive me if I'm repeating your post back to you but I'm just trying to confirm I understand exactly what is happening

@chuan I do know that person and gave them my verbal consent!

@indie I will point out that adoptive and foster parents are included as well

activitypub implementation question 

I am so extraordinarily pleased that there is a server for dads and that it's running Hometown. If you know any dads who are looking for a Fediverse home, this seems like it could be a nice place


:mower: dads.cool is now on the #hometown fork of mastodon, by @darius! :catch:

All the features of Mastodon 3.0.1, plus local-only posting (posts only dads can see!), rich text, the ability to follow article-type posts from ActivityPub, and more (check out https://github.com/hometown-fork/hometown/blob/hometown-dev/README.md for details).

There's never been a better time to join this little instance, now on a super-speedy little server of its very own. If you've got kids and identify as a dad, hit me up for an invite!

Incidentally, the journal of manga and anime studies is called, get this, Mechademia: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/40452

@sifr haha this is EXACTLY what I predicted without even reading the nyt story. Like "oh great more journalists taking the claims of a random company at face value, being tricked into thinking they are revealing SCARY NEW TECH when it probably doesn't even really work"

FE3H, spoilers 

All transit in Wuhan being shut down is hard to imagine for anybody who doesn't know the city:

It is about the size of greater London, but replace the Thames with the Yangtze which is about 500m wide as it cuts the city in half. Now remove all buses, the Tube, trains and river ferries. Without transit, most of the 11 million people are essentially under house arrest.


FE3H, spoilers 

MAJOR shout out to this developer based in Lagos who 3 years ago posted the only reasonable "get a React app set up with minor fuss" I have ever encountered. The only change I had to make was installing `babel-loader@7` and `webpack-cli` as dev dependencies.


@darius this naturally prompted the following thought:

🎶 Koyaanisqat C 🎶

Idea: write a version of Terry Riley's "In C" but with lyrics about things that can happen in the C programming language

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