Is anyone here caught up on the latest Jojolion because the only thing I want to do is talk about this month's issue

I'm looking forward to this conference next spring at Rutgers Camden, focused on repair & maintenance.

It will feature a workshop led by @darius who "will lead a workshop that focuses our attention on how to address our broken social media landscape by learning how to create and maintain small social networks".

Thx for the tip @jeffreymoro

Beeb interview with Wendy Carlos in 1989, showing how she mixes instrument voices on her antique Moog in the raw on the fly.

@whoisgina I go at least every six months, I'm taking @bcj if you want to come with

@beardicus @annika good to know, I think it was about 6 months ago least I tried! I'm now too scared to try again and would rather just deprecate a feature for my users but next time I need to set this up I'll give it a whirl

@beardicus @annika I tried those, they are not compatible with the main certbot versions available on the ppas! Basically it's dependency hell

@beardicus @annika although one of my servers needs wildcard certs which is a whole nightmare of its own

(I disabled this for friend camp because it was too much trouble)

@beardicus @annika yes, I'm using stock everything. It usually doesn't work. I recently nuked the friend camp cert setup and tried setting it up by default yet again so HOPEFULLY it will just work.

I think one issue is that a lot of my servers are old enough that they have pre-certbot configs lying around, from back when the utility was called letsencrpyt.

@beardicus @annika No this is trouble on every single server I run that uses certs. like 6 of them, all ubuntu 18, just... never ever got it to work right. The big problem is that I have to wait months between iterations! I wish I could test it for real (not just a "dry run") multiple times in one day, I'd probably have figured it out long ago...

@emsenn oh neat, are they Hmong? Hmong farms have the best greens...

In my mind this is what @casey does all day long

(from this brochure describing the Tektronix 4002 Graphic Computer Terminal, )

@d I read this as "my first ever girlfriend was a BBS" which I would also believe

@xantha I like to sit in the aisle at a conference in case the talk is boring or bad. I can leave quickly with minimum bother to myself and others.

On the bus, absolutely not, I never sit in the aisle if there's an empty seat on the inside!

I just posted a new 16 page backup story exclusively for Patreon backers. It was a experiment to try and write and draw 10 pages in 10 hours but ended up being 16 over 4 different days. Still fun though!

This is great.

The bit about downloading messages, replying offline, and posting when connected again is one of the main feature of Secure Scuttlebutt -- I sometimes download millions of messages from my corner of the network, get on a plane, spend the trip browsing the network offline and writing responses, and then resyncing on the ground.

@Truck Huh, I have literally never heard of WWIVnet, I'll dig into this. Thanks for the recommendation.

"A lot of times you don't get the praise until you leave. And when you throw up your hands and say 'Oh man I quit, I'm so tired of this' -- 'well you can't leave, you're the greatest we've ever had!". Really? Well why didn't you tell me that back then? Why do you wait until now?"

-Frank Vest on running a Fidonet node (~39:07)

tbh this is one reason I would never run an open reg fediverse instance. Friend Camp users are great at letting me know they appreciate my work... because we're friends!

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