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A child 🤝 a business man
being able to tie his shoes

Eye health 

@anna this sucks. I dealt with this for about 9 months 20 years ago when my face was paralyzed. All I was given were eye drops to take several times a day :(

adventures of a n00b admin, Nextcloud ~, YunoHost + 

@ljwrites yup, yunohost is sometimes magic. It was the only way I managed to get a mailing list set up!!!

my husband informs me that today is the Feast of the Ass

... I am torn between "heh heh" and "that's actually very sweet"

Contributing to the commons, a commons where others contribute for our benefit as well, is not the same as plain old labor. I'm starting to feel like trying to apply the "labor" lens to open source development is itself a problem that's pulling us in the wrong direction.

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gun violence mention but funny I swear 

@the_feral_housewife @Moss total aside but related: yesterday I saw a news story about a republican politician in Florida who road-rage shot his gun at a prius driver and the prius driver shot back, killing him. The funniest comment was someone saying "for a republican politician that's like getting murked by a kobold"

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