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@jonbro god i remember when cloud services people were trying to make "data lake" a thing

@maya looking at status dot cafe, yes, that matches my memory of 2008 Twitter pretty well

@matthewseiji new glasses lenses scratch within days of getting them

@shadsy I can't imagine a better choice. Congratulations.

I am overjoyed to announce that I'm joining the Video Game History Foundation as their new library director!

@jec I actually feel this way about content warnings myself and have them all set to auto-expand, but I try be accommodating of what other people ask for by providing them. Ideally I'd know exactly what content warnings people want and where to draw the line, but I'd rather be overconsiderate than underconsiderate

@jec I use it as a subject line so people can simply skip it if, for example, they do not care at all about gaming

android gaming recommendation 

@casey extra lich content just for you

android gaming recommendation 

The pixel art is really lovely (this is speaking as someone who has grown tired of half-hearted pixel art). Also the UI programming is blazingly fast, which I cannot underscore how happy that makes me. The little FM synthesis sound effects have a ton of personality.

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android gaming recommendation 

I'm always trying to find non-freemium games that I like on Android. I prefer paying once for something and having the monetization decoupled from the game itself.

Anyway, Slice & Dice is a really great, fast paced dice-rolling RPG combat roguelite.

You can buy it for mac/pc/android here:

It's also on the Google Play store.

A detailed review:

it's darkly funny to me how tolkien's obsessive worldbuilding, insanely long copyright terms, and the 21st century media conglomeration have lead to this truly wild web of rights

@Moss your nearest Fred Meyer in particular is an Extra Bad One

@meena oh sure I'm not expecting you to know it, I was just saying "I like this thing" (it is in fact about 15 years too old a reference for me)

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