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*slaps roof of a loving family's home* this bad boy can fit so many wiener dogs in it

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The poet Stephanie Adams-Santos recommended I read Lucille Clifton's poetry and: wow this is some good stuff. (I'm reading her collected works.)

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I wrote an article about why I'm excited for a flourishing of vastly different decentralized social networks that can all (kind of) talk to each other.

@addie I'm putting part 5 stuff behind a cw but I can't wait for you to watch this so we can scream about it

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This is it! Season 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Explainer! We finally tackle Diamond is Unbreakable! WE REALLY LIKE THIS SEASON!!

*slaps roof of the closet* this bad boy can fit so many nasty secrets in it

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Idea: a genre of videogame that can be played in its entirety while you are waiting for new improved gmail to load

I was yelled at by an unhappy citizen. I feel empathy.

— Dodók Tobultumam, expedition leader

hey here's the narrative simulation framework I've been working on (that produced the weird story toots from yesterday)

with documentation and examples you can run in the browser.

(it's javascript, because that's what my students know, but I'll probably make a python port later depending on whether or not people find it useful)

Today is an exciting day! If you enjoy my theme park endeavors and want to support my ongoing work in this space and maybe even influence it, you can now subscribe to me on Drip! Subscriptions start at $1/month, and if you sign up any time in Spooky Month you’ll be listed as a Founding Member, which will entitle you to some exclusive stuff in the future! Check it out and watch this video of me telling you about wtf I’m doing! I had to record it so many times!

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Friend Camp

The decentralized web is about trust. You should only join Friend Camp if you personally trust Darius Kazemi with your social media data. You probably only have that level of trust if we are IRL friends or have been internet friends for a long time. Generally speaking this is a small, closed community. In the end, Darius is the arbiter of what is allowed here. If you don't have a good idea of the kind of behavior that flies with Darius, again, you probably shouldn't join this instance. In the interest of specificity, we do have a code of conduct and privacy policy which you should read.

Friend Camp features several modifications that were requested by our users.

  • you can log in via any subdomain, which means you can log in to multiple accounts in the same browser session (for example, log in once on and then as another user on
  • they are no longer called "toots", they are now "posts"
  • if you have a locked account and you get a follow request, a reminder appears under your "post" button (on normal Mastodon mobile it is otherwise buried in a sub-menu and you might not see it for a long time)
  • the emoji dropdown is a neutral smiley face instead of the cry-laughing smiley
  • @mentions are rendered as "@user" for a Friend Camp user and "@user@domain" for remote users. This helps clear up when you follow two people who have the same username on different servers.
  • there is a "never ask me again" checkbox on the confirmation for clearing your notifications -- more info here
  • images in a CW'ed post are collapsed behind the CW. When you expand the CW, you can see the whole image immediately. more info here
  • When an mp3 link is in a post, we also embed an inline mp3 player. git commit here
  • 500 characters of profile text git commit here, requested by @deerful

Important Bit from the Privacy Docs

If you want decent privacy (the info doesn't leave this server), the only way to do that is to set your account to private, only accept friend requests from other users, and only ever @ mention other users. Once you start talking to people on other servers, all bets are off. Any private message you send to someone on another server could be looked at by the admin of a different server. This is kind of like email: if you are on a private email server, and you send an unencrypted email to a gmail account, congrats, Google now has the content of that email. But also, you do this every day, so, hey. The internet!

Our beautiful icon is based on photo3idea_studio from, licensed CC 3.0 BY. It has been modified by!