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These two ex-SnapChat product managers want to replace Persian restaurants with Vortex engines

Something I’m excited about with ActivityPub is how we collectively figure out what to do about portable data on the web. No one has ever really needed to solve for the general problem of, like, presenting YouTube comments inside Facebook.

A nice new project by @darius is 365 RFC's. Follow it on @365-rfcs. I wrote a small blogpost about it on

I've posted it a little early because I'm excited but here is my reading and analysis of RFC-1, the very first official Request for Comments document and an important piece of internet history.

I'm doing one of these a day for a year. You can follow along at @365-rfcs. I'll only be posting the really noteworthy ones on this account.

Then again, I'm a software developer, not a lobbyist or a politician, so I'm just doing what I can. 😊 Also I'm trying to remain optimistic, and as part of that optimism I'm trying to "be the change I want to see in the world," i.e. build the alternatives I want to exist.

So let's hear it for the fediverse in 2019! And hopefully by building up a viable alternative, we can make a case to policymakers that it's worth reviving antitrust rather than handing the reigns of power to the monopolists.

I'm celebrating by writing a brief summary of ARPANET for tomorrow's kickoff @365-rfcs post

Happy new year, eastern time zone friends

As technologists I think it's tempting to believe that decentralization can be achieved if we just had the right tech – better interfaces, more options, the right algorithms, whatever. I've been guilty of this myself; Pinafore is my attempt to make Mastodon's UI more accessible. But Doctorow makes a good case that these are just band-aids on what is fundamentally a policy problem. And unfortunately the policy solutions being floated right now would entrench monopolies rather than break them up.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the first ever Request for Comments (RFC), I'm doing a project where I read the first 365 IETF RFCs in 2019.

Don't know what an RFC is or why I'm doing this? The explanatory post is up!

You can subscribe via your ActivityPub client of choice by following @365-rfcs

Say what you will about @danbruno's top videogames of 2018: we share the same number 1 game so all I can say is he is a Correct Human Being

So I'm going to use, and I'll modify my fork of Mastodon so at least Friend Campers can see the full article. (I'll make an upstream PR too.)

Update! it publishes an Article. Mastodon turns it into a stub

I will say this much: immense props to Plume for providing a way for me to delete my account/blog! does not offer this as far as I can tell

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