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i wrote a pouchdb plugin that mirrors a database with a dat archive, if that's a thing you've ever wanted to do. it's called combox

A few months ago I found a programmer's personal blog where they had one post for every single official HTTP status code. I can't find it for the life of me because all the search terms I can think of are really noisy. Any ideas what I was looking at???

Masto admins, character limit 

There were so many parts of DQ11 that just felt Skyrim-y to me, especially the entire Sniflheim region. But also the Kingsbarrow, and a lot of the incidental design stuff like architecture in the dungeons. It's mostly reflected in the environmental design rather than like the combat system but it's fascinating to me

One really interesting thing about playing Dragon Quest XI was it's further proof of the immense influence Skyrim has had on the last decade of Japanese game development. I can't recall actual numbers but I remember hearing anecdotally that it was a mega-hit there in ways that American RPGs almost never are. It seems like it's only surpassed by Wizardry in terms of "American RPGs that have a lasting effect on JRPG design" (since, uh, Dragon Quest 1 was basically a Japanese take on Wizardry).

Update: I finished it. Turns out I'm a fast reader when I'm not deliberately reading slowly. Verdict: very good book but I'll have more to say when I've stewed on it

I've been reading more books than usual recently and it's been nice!!! A big thing that helps is not taking the time to savor every word. Turns out there aren't very many authors whose words are worth savoring. Sometimes you just read the words and extract meaning from denotation

Everyone who says “you are your own worst critic” has obviously never met a regional sales manager

the NYer profile of the publishing grifter (Dan Mallory) upset me the same way the Fyre fest docs did. Media/art/publishing institutions hand opportunities to people like that. Gatekeepers have been trained to eat up that kind of toxic charisma, while actual talent — modestly packaged — has very little chance of going anywhere.

If I was playing Dark Souls, I would simply damage all the enemies, while not taking any damage.

Take me down to the future perfect tense city,
where the grass will have been green and the girls will have been pretty

Dragon Quest XI story thoughts 

@jalcine @wakest the https site has a .well-known/dat file which beaker checks for so it knows it should shunt you to the dat site

"Fairness in Precision Medicine", a report by Kadija Ferryman and Mikaela Pitcan. It's examining bias in health care algorithms (think fitbit and other forms of personal data used to inform diagnosis, prevention, and deployment of healthcare resources)

I'm reminded by keynote speaker Leslie Chan: share your contracts, share your salary or hourly pay rate. If illegal to share contracts (NDA), do it clandestinely. (My suggestion not his.) Compare/contrast. You'll be shocked who gets paid 2x for doing the same work, especially where gender/race is concerned.

I shared this doc of every salary I ever earned a few years ago.

And yes: I have been paid literally too much money for several jobs

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